Big Ben Smith Round 2

BritFights caught up with Ben Smith for a second interview to find out how Ben has been coping with his drop from Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight and how he feels about the stoppage in his last fight with Darren Towler. 

Ben starts off by telling us that he was disappointed with the result of the fight with Darren Towler back in September.  This is the first time he has ever had a fight stopped due to a cut and says it is a horrible way to lose as you have no control over the decision.  He has respect for Darren and says that he fought well and caught him with a good shot. Three weeks out from this fight Ben had torn his bicep so his training leading up to the fight wasn’t as intense as it usually would be.  Ben said he didn’t consider pulling out as he hates to let people down but feels the knowledge of his injury affected his confidence badly as he says he didn’t have full use of his arm so grappling properly was difficult.  What Ben hoped was that Darren would get tired and that Ben himself would then not need too much strength but he says at the end of the day Darren won and he lost so it is fair play to Darren.  I asked Ben if he was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to go for a third fight with Darren.  Ben tells me ‘never say never’ as he feels he may have a few fights left at Heavyweight in the future and also feels he could compete in both weight classes.  So maybe in the future the fans will get to see the decider of Smith v Towler.  Watch this space.

Ben’s next fight is this Saturday 3rd December for UCMMA 25.  Ben is fighting Joe Cooper, someone he does not know a lot about but says he knows he comes to fight.  Of Joe, Ben says, he is more of a boxer but that he is also a blue belt in BJJ so Ben is aware of how well rounded Joe is.  But Ben says he is feeling fantastic at the lighter weight and he hasn’t lost any power so is sure any Light Heavy weights he fights are going to have problems with him! 

So how has the weight cut been going?  Ben tells us the first few weeks were hard as his body was adjusting to a different diet but he says now he seems to have more energy than before and is training much harder.  His training regime has only changed slightly inasmuch as he is doing a lot more cardio than before.  He tells me that upping the cardio and a change of diet is all you need to do to drop weight. I wondered why Ben decided to make the change from Heavy to Light Heavy and he explains that people have been telling him for as long as he can remember that he should be a Light Heavy Weight.  He says he has always shied away from it and was having a lot of success in the Heavy Weight division, plus he didn’t fancy cutting the weight!  Ben continues to tell me that he is always giving away a lot of height and weight and that means he is always at a major disadvantage.  He now feels he will be fighting people with his own stamp and can start to show his skills more, rather than just relying on sheer power. 

So with Ben happy with his decision is there anyone Ben fancies fighting?  He tells me that he doesn’t have his sights set on anyone in particular and always takes each fight as it comes.  He does point out that now ‘his boy’ Jimi Manuwa has vacated the belt that he will be looking to take it into his possession at some point in the future.  He says he would love to be champion at two different weight classes.

Me being me, I wanted to know a little more about Ben the person rather than just Ben the fighter and he is quick to tell me that he considers himself a perfectionist who is verging on having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  He also keeps marine fish which he loves to do and he also plays the drums.

Ben would like to thank his friends, family and fans for all their continued support and of course his coaches and training partners at Team Titan.  He would also like to thank Club KO Boxing Gym, Metroflex Gym and his strength and conditioning coaches Joe Mac and Sonny Dholakia.  And lastly he would like to thank his sponsors Sugar Hut Nightclub, Sci-mx Nutrition and Fightpro Dental.  We would like to thank Ben for his time and in closing Ben just wants to say:  There is a storm coming in the 93kg division….watch this space! For information on tickets for UCMMA25 please visit


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