Shane Fourie

BritFights caught up with Shane Fourie after his win at UCMMA24 where he took his record to a fantastic 3-0-0.  Read on to find out more about the man and the fighter.  Shane fights out of Carlson Gracie London and Semtex Gym.  He is a 37 year old, 184cm light heavyweight fighter who lives in West London. He trains in all disciplines and tells me he doesn’t have a favourite discipline as he likes to view the sport in the spirit it began – Vale Tudo – I could tell you what that means but I’ll let you look it up!

For twenty years Shane has been training in some way and feels that competing is just a part of the whole game.  He doesn’t have a favourite fighter or someone he individually respects but says anyone who steps into the cage deserves respect.  Shane’s first fight to him was like nothing he has ever felt before.  He says it was a rush like no other and he was so excited because he was allowed to hit someone without any consequences!  Rafik Benziada was Shane’s opponent at the last UCMMA, a fight that saw both guys go at it from the opening second.  BritFights were so impressed with the fight that sadly got called off in between rounds due to the facial damage Rafik has sustained, that we gave it ‘Fight of the Night’.  I asked Shane if he was disappointed with it being called off but he says it is just the nature of the sport and you have to accept that sometimes fights have to be stopped.  Shane is still pleased to take the win but says he always goes for a win by KO or tapout.  Of Rafik, Shane says he was a very tough opponent and he was lucky he himself did not sustain any damage. Shane will be fighting again early in 2012 but when and where is still to be confirmed.  He does not care who it is against as he says it isn’t personal and he fights for himself, to see what works and what doesn’t and because he enjoys it. 

Like all fighters, Shane trains hard and says his programme consists of BJJ, Thai Boxing and weight training.  The only difference on the lead up to a fight is that his cardio is stepped up.  Shane tells us he always aims to be ‘fight ready’ and with a record of 3-0-0 he is obviously doing something right.  Maybe it is the beer and steak the night before the fight that Shane always has that helps! Of his friends and family, Shane feels he is very lucky as his wife, family and friends are all supportive and cool about him fighting.  He says it makes a big difference to him to have so many people around him that will be there regardless of whether he wins or loses and likes the fact that they do not see him any differently as Shane the person and Shane the fighter. 

There are always going to be those who say MMA is a dangerous sport but Shane feels these people should mind their own business.  As he points out, he doesn’t comment on their lives so doesn’t understand why these people think they have the right to comment on his life.  Other than fighting Shane works security and is a big fan of poetry and stamp collecting………now that would have been a novel hobby but in all honesty Shane says his only extra-curricular activity is training. So what has Shane learned about the game over the years?  He says it doesn’t matter how hard you train, there will always be a lot of luck involved in any fight and the only advice he can give to anyone is to wear a gum guard!

I couldn’t get any little snippets about Shane that no one else knows but I’ll pester him next time and I am sure we will dig deep enough to find something so for now we would like to thank Shane for his time and Shane would like to thank the following people:  Ryan Robinson who is his MMA Coach and the man that puts it all together.  Of Ryan, Shane says his understanding of MMA is amazing and he is happy to pass on all his knowledge.  Having Ryan in his corner is in Shane’s words ‘priceless’.  He would also like to thank Wilson who is his grappling coach and Steve who is his striking coach along with everyone at Gracie and Semtex for all their help.  And his sparring partners for the punishing training and Mark for the constant hounding about his cardio!  Thanks also go to Team GBH and Shuriken Dojo from Durban in South Africa.  Shane says if it wasn’t for his tough training sessions with them, he wouldn’t be where he is today or the fighter he is today.  And finally thanks go to his wife, family and friends for keeping the faith and Neil Grove who has helped him ‘big time’.


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