We chat to the ‘Crazy Bear’


Hold on to your hats, there is a heavyweight ‘Bear’ in the house.  Yes it is none other than Stav ‘Crazy Bear’ Economou who has an impressive record of 14-2-1 and fights out of Team Sure Grip (TSG) in Essex.  We wanted to know more about Stav, what he is up to and his plans for the future.

Stav got into MMA accidentally when he was walking home from the gym via a new route.  He came across a gym that was offering lots of classes: amateur wrestling, boxing and BJJ.  Stav decided to give the wrestling class a go but it was cancelled so he thought he would try out the BJJ class instead and tells us he has never looked back.

I wrongly assumed that Stav was a full time fighter with no other job so a slap on the wrist for me.  He actually manages a fish and chip shop restaurant and says even if he wasn’t training, he would still be doing the same thing but says he would be a lot fatter!

Other than MMA training and fighting, along with working Stav doesn’t have any other hobbies.  He says that MMA was a hobby that he ended up taking too seriously which left his friends and family in shock.  Although they support him 100%, he says some are still a little shocked that he fights.

When we asked Stav who he looks up to as a fighter, he doesn’t reel of a list of names but quite simply says his all-time favourite fighter and the one he looks up to is Alistair Overeem.

Balancing work and training must be difficulty so we wanted to know how much time Stav dedicates to training and he tells us that he tries to train twice a day six days a week in the lead up to a fight.  In general training terms, he trains twice a day four times a week and once a day the other two days, having just one rest day.  He says his training varies between MMA, Thai Boxing, BJJ and Strength and Conditioning with some hill sprints thrown in for fun!  (I think there must be a lot of fun aspects to training but hill sprints)?!

Of Stav’s 14 wins, 3 have come by way of Submission and 9 by way of KO/TKO so it is obvious to anyone that his stand-up is outstanding.  We wanted to know if Stav always intends on keeping his fights standing up and if he feels as confident when it goes to the ground.  He explains that it all depends on who he is fighting and feels as happy and confident on the ground as he does on his feet.

Having fought on many different promotions, Stav says it is hard to pick a favourite as he has loved every show for different reasons.  He goes on to day that Cage Rage and UCMMA were always great fun to fight for but UWC is his home.  He continues to tell us that fighting in Dubai for DFC is an entirely different world so he can’t just pick one.

With all his fights we wondered if Stav had a favourite and he says it is an easy question.  Cage Rage 27 at Wembley Arena against the huge Doktor (Marcin Bartkiewicz).  His reasoning is that he has never heard a crowd react to a fight like that before on any show he has been to and it was an amazing experience to be a part of. He doesn’t usually hear the crowd as a constant when he is fighting as he tries not to focus too much on the crowd and more on his fight but in this particular match, the crowd was amazing.

Stav last fought in September 2012 and is on a three win streak but as yet he cannot tell us when we can expect to see him in the cage again.  He does however, have his sights set on someone like Oli Thompson as he feels that the fight would make sense for both of them.  So watch this space.

With the introduction of Safe MMA drawing mixed reactions, Stav thinks it is a step in the right direction but unsure if it is the key to getting UK MMA regulated but hopes that with this first step more good things will come of it.

Having a lot of experience in the MMA field, Stav tells us that his biggest learning curve is what he describes as, the cliché ‘train hard, fight easy’.  He tells us he has had plenty of fights where the fights weren’t anywhere near as hard as the training was so he is thankful to his coach Daniel Burzotta and all his team mates at TSG for pushing him so hard.

We have enjoyed chatting with Stav and will be keeping an eye out for his next fight announcement.  We would like to thank Stav for his time.  Stav’s team mates will be fighting at UWC on March 2nd so check out www.ultimatewarriorchallenge.co.uk for all event information and we will be visiting TSG soon so look out for that.  Stav would like to close by thanking the following people:

“I would like to say thank you to all my family, friends, fans and supporters over the years. Everyone down at TSG and my coach Daniel Burzotta. I’ve achieved far more then I originally set out to and I’ve got a lot more that I want to achieve so stick with me because we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Oh and follow me on twitter @crazy_bear”


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