Scott Moore discusses his WW Title Shot & much more

scott moore

On March 2nd Scott Moore will face Lee Curtis for the WCMMA Welterweight Title at The Troxy in London.  We caught up with Scott to find out more about the man himself.

At just 19 years of age, Scott is 2-0-0 in his Semi-Professional/Amateur career and will be looking to make that 3-0-0 on March 2nd.  He fights out of Fight Science and Prizefighters and tells us that fighting out of those two is brutal!  He goes on to say that every time he steps on the mats, he knows he will be going up against some of the best fighters in the country; namely Nick Chapman, Dom Clark, Jay Dods and Jamie and Will Humphreys who he tells us, are Fight Sciences answer to the Diaz Brothers.  He continues by telling us that he has some of the best coaches in the country who he classifies as world class; Solomon Raja who is head coach at Prizefighter and also Lyubormir Kumbarov for Wrestling and Walid Tadjouri for BJJ.

So how did it all start for Scott? He tells us that he wanted to change his training and met Nick Chapman who sent him to Solomon and that is how he started in the MMA world.  Scott trains two to three hours a day, six days a week but is also a Fitness Instructor.  He explains that training comes first without any question and he just about manages his training and his life.

Scott is immediately in my good books because when asked who he looks up to as a fighter he tells us that it is undoubtedly Chael Sonnen.  Of Chael, Scott says people are always saying he has a big mouth and doesn’t deserve to be where he is but Scott disagrees.  Looking at UFC 117 Scott explains that Chael smashed Anderson Silva for twenty three and a half minutes and says name another fighter who has done that…………….as Scott says, there is no one and he goes on to say that Chael is the best fighter on the planet with unreal wrestling, great stand up and a slick ground game.

When it comes to Scott’s friends and family he says that when he started out fighting they weren’t sure but have now come round to the idea, although he says his mum still isn’t keen which is understandable but she still supports him 100%.  And with the introduction of SAFE MMA, things are looking up for UK MMA in the safety sense and Scott says it was about time and a brilliant idea.

Scott has fought Lee Curtis before, back in September 2012 where he won by unanimous decision.  Of this fight, he says he felt it went to plan.  His game plan was to use his wrestling and finish it from there.  He says Lee put up a good fight but he wasn’t as strong physically or mentally and Scott says by the end of the second round, he knew he had broken him which was confirmed by his coach Mike Woods afterwards.

Brendan Cherry was Scott’s last opponent where he once again won, this time by TKO at 1.22 of round 2.  Scott tells us he was completely happy with his performance and once again used his wrestling and ground control to finish it.  He says his only regret of the fight was that he didn’t finish it in the first round.

As we said, March 2nd see Scott face Lee Curtis again but this time for the Welterweight WCMMA Title.  Scott says his training has been going well as it always does and that he has made a few changes to his training here and there since they last faced off but nothing too crazy.  Of Lee, he says he is just another fighter who is in his way on the way to HIS TITLE!  Talking more about winning the title, Scott says it is the sole reason he fights, he wants to be the best and although he can imagine having that belt put around his waist, he doesn’t want to imagine it he just wants to be the champ as that is what the sport is all about.

Looking to his future, Scott tells us that he is in no rush to turn pro, even if he wins the belt.  He would first like to defend his belt as doesn’t feel he would be a real champion until he does.  But there is no one Scott has his eye on and is happy to leave that up to Dave O’Donnell.

So we ask Scott to tell us the result of this match and he tells us it will be him going home with the belt because he has trained too hard not to win.  He continues to say he is a far better fighter than he was and that he has improved in every area.  He finishes by saying that Lee knows Scott is the better fighter and advises him to come ready!

We will all be ready on March 2nd, wish Scott the best of luck and would like to thank him for the interview.  We will catch up with him after the fight for a few words so look out for that.  Scott would like to close by thanking the following people:

“All of my training partners and coaches but one massive thank you to Mike Wood, he took me on in my first fight, backed me all the way and has been there ever since, I can’t say thank you enough bud! He is a great all around coach he’s helped me massively over the last year. Cheers bro!”


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