We Talk to Arnold Allen

carl oriss v arnold allen - ucmma 32

2013 sees the start of another, no doubt mad year in MMA.  Kicking off the year will be UCMMA 32 and topping the bill we will see Arnold Allen (2-0-0) who fights out of BKK Fighters take on Carl Oriss.  Having seen Arnold in both his previous fights, we are excited to see if Allen can take his record to 3-0.

We caught up with Arnold for a brief chat to find out how things have been going for him and his thoughts on his fight which is now just over a week away.

We firstly had to ask whether the young Arnold has yet been given a nickname and he tells us that although there isn’t a definite one, he does get called a few names and has become quite accustomed to Gollum!

Arnold originally got into MMA watching Dragon Ball Z, martial arts movies and WWF.  He tells us he has always wanted to be some sort of warrior and the fact his dad is also a fighter, certainly helped him get into it!

When we ask Arnold who he looks up to himself he is quick to say that is has to be Jack Mason who he fights under.  Arnold goes on to say that Jack has taught him so much and has helped him get to where he is today.

As we said Arnolds Dad is also a fighter so asking how friends and family feel about him fighting is a pretty pointless question as he simply says that they love it.

When it comes to training, Arnold says he works hard all the time and we are sure he is pushed to his limit with Jack Mason on board.

SAFE MMA has recently been introduced to the UK and there are mixed reactions to it.  Some say it is pointless and others say it is the way forward.  Arnold tells us that it is definitely something the UK MMA scene needs and also says it would be great if fighters were tested for PED’s.

Arnold’s first professional fight was against Nathan Greyson who is an extremely talented young fighter.  I think most of the crowd at The Troxy that night saw Arnold as the underdog but I have to say the atmosphere for this one was amazing.  Arnold tells us he was very excited to be making his debut and felt very focussed going on to win by KO at 40s of R2.  Of the win, Arnold says it always feels good to win but especially in an exciting fight.

We last saw Arnold fight Kim Thinghaugen at UWC where he won the fight in between rounds due to a Dr Stoppage from cuts.  Arnold fought well in this fight using nasty hammer fists and knees and also defending the submission attempt by Thinghaugen successfully.  We wondered if Arnold was unhappy the fight was stopped but he says he was just happy to add another win.

When we asked Arnold what he knows about his next opponent Carl Oriss, he tells us that he doesn’t really focus on his opponents but just tries to make himself a better fighter in all areas.  He tells us that he thinks the fight will be an exciting fight and as always is confident of taking the win.  Looking to the future Arnold says there is no one he has his eye on to fight, so we will just have to watch this space.

With just a week away from fight night, we would like to thank Arnold for taking the time to talk to us and he would like to thank the following people in his own words:

I’d like to thank all of my sponsors @i_Supp @passmastermal @attitudeinc @ALMIGHTYMMA @BRITISHF1GHTER @funky_gums @Elite_fightwear – follow them on twitter. And I’d like to give a special thanks to @SB_bearman for all of his help in and out of the gym.


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