Karlos Vemola talks UFC & Chris Leben


We recently spoke with UFC fighter Karlos Vemola about his past and how it feels to be on the biggest stage in the world.  In this interview, we talk to him about his up and coming fight against Chris Leben at UFC155 in Las Vegas and his plans for the future.

Having fought in various places, Karlos starts off by telling us that he absolutely loved fighting in Germany against Seth Petruzelli because everyone knew him and supported him as if he were a local fighter but to be fighting in Las Vegas is the crème de la crème.

As we have said, Karlos takes on Chris Leben who has a record of 28-8-0 so we wanted to know how Karlos is feeling about his opponent and the fight in general.  He tells us that he is positive about both the fight and Leben.  He knows Chris comes to fight which as we found out is what Karlos likes and he tells us it will be war however long it lasts.  He assures us the fans will love it and says who knows; maybe it will be Fight of the Night.  When it comes to Chris, Karlos says his has the utmost respect for him as a fighter and a person.

Leben has been out of the UFC for a year on suspension so some may say this is an advantage to Karlos, although obviously Leben will be looking to come back with a vengeance.  Karlos says if he wins it is an advantage but if he loses it isn’t!  He doesn’t think it makes a difference as Leben is a professional athlete and will be totally prepared.

Both Karlos and Chris enter on a loss but this doesn’t make Karlos nervous, he says it makes him more determined and when it comes to the fight and seeing the 12 KO/TKO wins that Leben has we wanted to know if Karlos intends to make it a stand-up brawl or take him down and go for the Submission.  But all Karlos says is he is happy to do either.

Many are saying that this is Karlos’s biggest test to date and he tells us that in terms of a named fighter it is, however if Chris was fighting Francis Carmot he would like to know who we would bet on winning that fight?  He goes on to say that Chris is a massive test and due to his experience he probably is his biggest test but he thinks that Francis will be a contender for the Title in the not too distant future.

Karlos has fought over three different weights and we wondered if he would ever consider a change again but he says he is happy and most comfortable as a Middleweight. So going forward we wondered if Karlos has his sights set on anyone else in his division and he says he has always wanted to fight Rich Franklin as he loves him as a fighter and it would be a dream come true.

We are extremely excited about this fight and can’t wait to watch Karlos step into the cage.  We would like to thank him for taking time out to do both these interviews and all that’s left to do is to wish him the best of luck for December 29th.  Karlos would like to thank the following people in his own words “I want to say a big thank you to my managers Chris and Pan at Elite MMA Agency, Alex and Paul and everyone at London Shoot who has helped with my training and all my sparing partners”.


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