Karlos Vemola Interview

Karlos Vemola is set to take on Chris Leben at UFC 155 in Las Vegas.  In the first of a two part interview, we find out how Karlos got into the crazy world of MMA and also more about the man behind the fighter.

Karlos ‘Terminator’ Vemola stands 6ft tall and fights at Middleweight.  At 27, he fights out of London Shoot and is managed by Elite MMA Agency.  With a record of 9-3-0, Karlos is already at the top, fighting on the world’s biggest MMA promotion, the UFC.

Looking back to the beginning Karlos tells us that whilst living in the Czech Republic, he was only wrestling but when he moved to the UK he progressed from wrestling into MMA.  He goes on to tell us that he trains non-stop, two to three times a day depending on what he is actually working on.  When it comes to fight week for the UFC, he tells us it is totally different as he is in a hotel and it is very organised with everyone having a schedule.  For Karlos, he tends to do stretches and some rolling and the rest is ensuring his weight is spot on.

Karlos already has fans who look up to him as a fighter but when it comes to Karlos’s favourite fighter he tells is he has always loved Fedor because he is a small guy for a heavy but at his best he was unstoppable and Karlos says he loves his intensity.

Karlos has a very loving and supportive family who he loves spending time with, especially his children and he tells us that right from the start all his friends and family have been extremely supportive and they love it when he wins.  He goes on to say that because he loves what he does so much, it makes everyone get behind him.  Other than spending time with his children and training hard Karlos enjoys keeping fish in his tank that he says is lovely.

We wondered what Karlos would be doing if he wasn’t an MMA athlete but he tells us he has no idea and if anyone has any job offers to let him know.  We, however, don’t think he needs to be worrying about a career change!

Looking back to Karlos’s first fight against Patric Carroll in 2008 we wanted to know if he could remember it, being as he has come so far and if so what it felt like.  He tells us that in those days he felt awesome and just wanted to get in there and rip his opponents head off.  He tells us he was fearless and lived for the excitement.

Karlos won his first seven fights in R1 and then lost to Jon Masden on his UFC debut by Unanimous Decision.  We wondered how it felt to take a loss for the first time and if it is true that you learn more from a loss than a win.  Karlos says that he definitely learned a lot from that defeat.  He says not everyone wants to come and fight and opponents are content to have a boring fight rather than risk losing, whereas Karlos always enters the cage to tear it up and does not worry about winning or losing.  Of that particular fight, Karlos says that because he wasn’t a heavyweight, Masden just sat on him for three rounds and was not interested in making a fight of it.  He has learned that Professional fighters will do anything to win first and second they will worry about putting on a show for the fans.  Karlos tells us he was brought up the other way where he fights to entertain.  He says it was frustrating for him with Masden and Markes who were content to nullify him rather than put everything on the line.  However, of Carmont he says he came to fight and was the better man on the night.

Looking at the wins Karlos has taken, five have been by submission and four by KO/TKO so he is obviously a well-rounded fighter and when we asked which is his favourite aspect when fighting he tells us he loves to smash opponents up with a good old fashioned ground and pound.

With such a great record and only losing once by RNC and twice by Decision, Karlos has the drive and dedication to get up every day and put in the hours to succeed and he says the reason for this is that he loves the sport and the adrenaline that it brings.

Fighting for the UFC is every fighters dream and we wanted to know exactly what it feels like to be in the top league.  Karlos explains that it is amazing and very professional and well organised.  He feels that he has been treated very fairly by the UFC and is grateful to Dana White and Joe Silva.  Elite MMA Agency have also confirmed to Karlos that whenever they deal with the UFC, whether it is booking flights or sorting out visas or legal issues, everyone is helpful and totally professional.  When you are in the stadium, Karlos says they are always full and the atmosphere is amazing and he says the ring girls always look amazing!

Karlos wants to stay in the UFC for as long as possible and it won’t be long until his next fight.  Coming very soon the second part of our interview with Karlos, where he talks about his plans for the future and of course his fight with Chris Leben.


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