Fury MMA 7 Results

Carl Bullen attended Fury MMA 7 on behalf of BritFights.  Here is his review and the results.

Fury MMA 7, Bad Blood

Location: Coronet Theatre, Elephant and Castle, London

Date:18 November 2012

Fury 7, Bad Blood once again took place this weekend at the Coronet Theatre on what was a very cold, typical Sunday in November.

As the name suggests the venue is an old theatre with the cage located just in front of the stage where the stalls would have been with a large open standing area and then staging back to the hall so that everyone could get a view.

Following the pull-out of some key fighters and some reshuffling of the card the night kicked off with a very impressive quick finish from Dean Simmonds (BKK Fighters) who recently won the Featherweight title at WCMMA.

Results for the night are as follows:


Dean Simmonds defs. Jay Stone – 30secs of 1st rnd by submission (guillotine)

Nathan Shety defs. Rob Collins – 2mins 33 secs of 1st rnd by ref stoppage (rear naked choke)

Alec Connelly defs. Rayko Levitch – 2mins of 2nd rnd by submission (arm bar)

Ricky Moore defs. Curtis Stilwell – 20secs of 1st rnd by ref stoppage (GnP)

Jason Kenny defs. Ryan Woodford – 1min 48secs of 1st rnd by ref stoppage (GnP) – Charity fight

Paul Farrugita defs. David Vidler – Unanimous decision (30/27)

Cameron Else defs. Gary Duffy – 40secs of 1st rnd by ref stoppage (rear naked choke)

Co-main event

Brendan Cherry Vs. Jarvis Grey – semi-pro Welterweight MMA

Rnd 1 – explosive start to the fight with Cherry catching Grey straight away with a good kick.  The fight then rapidly went to the mat with Grey taking the mount, looking to land some heavy punches.  There is a quick rise to the feet before both fighters go back to the floor, which is where they remain until the end of the round.

Rnd 2 – Starts with Cherry immediately looking to make the most of his height/reach advantage and is keeping Grey at distance with some fierce push kicks, then quickly follows in with some massive Thai kicks, which Grey is struggling to defend.  Cherry then follows in with knees, kicks and punches with no response from Grey who looks hurt.  Ref jumps in to prevent any further damage.

Cherry defeats Grey by way of TKO (ref stoppage) in the 2nd round.

Main Event

Alex Montagnani Vs Paul Edmonds for the Fury Welterweight belt

Rnd 1 – Edmunds starts the fight quickest looking to shoot for Montagnani and pushes him back against the cage where Montagnani stands it upright and various exchanges take place between the two.

Edmunds looks to change levels again, but when this doesn’t come off goes straight back to his feet.  Montagnani forces Edmonds to the mat and gains the back where he immediately starts looking for the choke, but Edmonds is defending strongly so Montagnani goes to work with some big punches from either side, this onslaught continues relentlessly with no response from Edmonds so in order to protect Edmonds the ref steps I to stop the fight.

Montagnani defeats Edmonds by way of TKO (ref stoppage due to GnP) in 4mins 25secs of the 1st round.

There was some fantastic support for the last few fights with none other than Brad “One Punch” Pickett putting in an appearance, as well as Jamaine Facey and Grant Waterman and Max Nunes cornering for Montagnani.

A special mention goes out for the fight of Jason Kenny and Ryan Woodford, these guys competed in a charity fight on the night and had agreed to the fight at fairly short notice – they both went at one another with an intense ferocity straight from the start and whilst the fight lasted just short of 2 minutes was a full-on battle royal – well done guys, very entertaining fight, give yourselves a pat on the back.


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  1. Was a pleasure to be at Brendan’s fight. Great entertainment altogether.

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