Darren Towler

BritFights settled down to interview Heavyweight Fighter, Darren ‘Powerhouse’ Towler who stands 6’3” and fights out of TSG and Spartans Performance.  With a record of 9-6-0 and now on a five win streak, we spoke to Darren about his last fight against Dayman Lake and his up and coming title fight against Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove in December at UCMMA.

Going back to the beginning of the MMA Madness, Darren tells us that he originally got into it when he called in to see a friend at Ian Freeman’s gym.  He was made very welcome, started training and has been ever since!

Darren is motivated and determined to succeed as he likes seeing the results that come from putting in the hard work.  He tells us he gets into a routine and he sticks to it.

Travelling hundreds of miles to TSG in Southend, Essex Darren says the reason for this is that he gets to train with top level fighters.  He realises the distance is immense but training with Dan Burzotta who he calls a top coach is worthwhile.  It is hard for Darren being away from home for long periods but it takes him away from any distractions meaning he gets his head down and trains hard.  Darren also trains with Ian Freeman’s Team Machine and of them he says that training with Ian is a great honour as not only does he become his coach, he also becomes a good friend and that motivates him and gets the best out of him. With a great bunch of lads behind Darren; Team Machine, TSG and Spartans Performance, he says they are the reason he holds the titles he does.

Darren has very supportive family and friends and he say this drives him.  At events you can always hear his fans screaming for him and some travel long distances to show their support.

In Darren’s last fight he beat Dayman Lake at just 48 seconds of Round 1 and in the four fights before this he hasn’t seen round 2.  I wondered if it is frustrating winning so quickly but Darren tells us that he never goes into a fight looking for a fast win as he trains for the fight to go the three rounds.  If it doesn’t, he says, it is a bonus and he knows that there will be plenty of fights where he will be able to showcase further skills.

Going back to the fight against Dayman, Darren tells us that he hurt his hand, not surprising really when you look at the vicious ground and pound assault.  Thankfully his hand is now on the mend, although not 100% just yet.  But we are assured that it will NOT be a problem for his next fight against Neil Grove on December 1st.

In the past Darren has fought Big Ben Smith twice.  At UCMMA 13 Darren lost to Ben via rear naked choke at 2 minutes 59 seconds of Round 1.  But at UCMMA 23 Darren won when the referee stopped the fight due to cuts Ben sustained.  Ben dropped from the Heavyweight class for a while but is now back at Heavyweight.  We want to know if the fans will get to see the decider.  Darren tells us that he really likes Ben and has utter respect for him and says that it would be a great build-up to a fight being as it would be the ‘decider’.  But it is out of Darren’s hands so we will wait and see if UCMMA arrange this at some point in the future.

Moving on, Darren is fighting Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove on December 1st at UCMMA.  Having done my research I noticed that Neil has lost his last three fights, whereas, as I have already said, Darren is on a five win streak.  I wondered if Darren felt more confident with these statistics but he says he doesn’t count it as an advantage to him because he is sure it has made Neil hungrier for the win and he knows that Neil is a strong fighter.  Although Darren’s streak has given him a boost in confidence, he says he won’t be taking Neil lightly and asks, quite rightly, who would?  Darren points out that Neil is a hard hitter with strong kicks and a full tank when it comes to fitness and tells us he has the utmost respect for him.  They met at the last UCMMA and Darren says it was a pleasure.  We can expect no fireworks or banter from Darren regardless of who he fights as it just isn’t his style, preferring to do what he needs to in the cage and then have a drink afterwards.

Darren cannot predict how this fight will go and I myself agree that it is a hard one to call.  Both Neil and Darren have won all their fights by KO/TKO so are we are expecting a stand-up fight?  Darren says we need to wait for the night but tells us he has been working on his ground game and getting stronger.  We were in the training room before Darren’s last fight and we agree when he says; he has never been more aggressive and ready.  He has Stav and Walter in his corner who warm him up physically and mentally and he says this is his secret weapon and that he owes them for all the time they put in to him.

We asked again how Darren predicts this fight and all he will say is ‘it is going to be the show to end the year’.  And as for his fight he suggests you get a ticket and find out.

It has been great interviewing Darren and watch out for a follow-up article coming in the next few months when we will be spending some time with Darren down at TSG.  For now thank you to Darren for his time and as always we close with thanks from Darren:

“I’d like to thank Ian Freeman, Team Machine, Dan Burzotta, TSG, Jack Lovett, Spartan Performance, all my friends and family and people who support me through. Also Micky Tompson who helps me with my boxing and cardio and yourself for the interview”.

Follow Darren on Twitter by searching @darrentowler1


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