Paul Kingdon

We caught up with Paul Kingdon (2-6-0) who fights out of Trojan Gym to find out more about him; the reasons behind him getting into MMA and his plans for the future.

Paul was originally into Body Building but was a big fan of MMA and at the time of watching MMA, his favourite fighter was Brad Pickett.  Of Brad, Paul says he was a small guy who fought like a warrior and he inspired Paul enough to want to take up the sport.  It was about five years ago when Paul was watching MMA that he said to his friends ‘I want to do that’ so his friend Chris Henry took him the very next day to meet a friend of his Tommy Gunn.  Paul started training straight away with Tommy which started off once or twice a week but then became once to twice a day.  Paul tells us he was hooked on MMA and that it saved his life.

Training for Paul is always hard because he started late in MMA so feels he is always playing catch-up.  But he gives it 100% every day and always has because that is the way Paul does things.  MMA is Paul’s full time job which he says is a strange career change but he loves it.  When he isn’t fighting he trains others and everyone he trains loves it and of course benefits from the best level of fitness anyone can offer.  Other than MMA Paul spends time being a family man and occasionally goes fishing as he says there is no greater escape.

Paul’s family and friends come to watch him regularly although at first they were unsure what to make of it, thinking it was a little brutal.  Once they attended a few events and saw the professionalism of them, they came round to the idea and love it.

When it comes to fighters Paul respects he tells us he respects all fighters as they all train hard but ultimately he respects his inspiration, Mr Pickett the most

Having been in MMA quite a few years and seeing the sport grow from strength to strength, Paul says it is now the fastest growing sport in the world for true athletes.  The advice Paul gives is that anyone who is looking to start training can do it, not only for self-defence but also to achieve the best level of fitness.  When it comes to learning curves, Paul simply says that every fight is a lesson and it is impossible not to learn from each one.

Paul fought Martin Sheridan at UCMMA 30 losing by TKO at 1m19s of Round 2.  We wanted to know what went wrong for Paul and he tells us that he possibly did too much before the fight.  He says it is hard to get the balance right as you can mess up a fight just from the weight cut.  In the future Paul is going to be fighting at a higher weight but this will not be the case with any other fights as he has a proper training camp in place for his next fight.

Since his last fight Paul is taking some time to train and get his head down for more technique training and is hoping to be back fighting at UCMMA in February 2013.  Until then, he tells us he will be hard at it.

Prior to a fight Paul likes to spend time with his girlfriend and daughter and also spend as much time on his own whilst cutting weight as he turns into ‘Mr Grumpy Pants’! He isn’t into calling people out because he fights whoever has been put in front of him.  He hopes for a fair fight but trains hard and gives 100% whoever the opponent is.

We would like to thank Paul for his time and wish him all the best for next year.  Paul would like to thank the following people:

‘I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the people that come to watch me, you know who you are.  Thank you to my friends, family, and the guys that help me train all the time; Colin, Danny Beevor, Paul Edmonds, Mariusz Sozostek and all the guys at the shed.  Lastly thank you to my sponsors:


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