Mr Tommy King

We are excited to get to interview Mr Tommy King who fights out of Colosseum Gym in Haslemere, Surrey.  What we notice about Tommy and his brother Louis is that no one has a bad word to say about them.  They perform in the cage but outside of it, they are always warm and welcoming to journo’s like me and indeed to the fans.

Tommy has a K1 record of 8-1 and originally got into fighting due to being a rascal when he was younger.  He tells us, he was always getting in trouble by fighting and doing things he shouldn’t!  When he was 19 his brother Louis started Kickboxing at a local club and Louis spent a year trying to get Tommy to join.  At 21, Tommy finally decided it was time to sort his life out and take to the ring.  Matthew Powell who is the King’s coach invited Tommy down to Colosseum and it was there that Tommy found his hidden talent.  Two months after starting, Tommy had his first amateur K1 fight in which he drew to Nigel Whitear who was a formidable name in the scene.

After the fight, Tommy tells us he couldn’t find his middle ground and faded back to his old ways, finding it harder to keep his head focused.  After a long break from training, he decided to turn over a new leaf and get his head back in the game which saw him have his second amateur bout where he ended it at just 16 seconds.  It was then that Tommy knew this was the road he was to pursue.

Training for Tommy consists of four days a week maintaining strength and cardio at Muscle Inc. with his strength and conditioning Coach Ollie Beard.  He also has K1 sessions with his coach Matthew Powell.  Leading up to a fight it gets a lot more intense as the weeks progress where you can find Tommy training 2-3 times a day in cardio, 3 days a week in strength and conditioning, sparring and also running with Louis who keeps him strong and focused throughout.  Tommy’s main focus in life is training and fighting; however he does run personal training sessions to keep an on-going cash flow and enjoys helping others reach their goals and finding their own talents.

As a youngster Tommy enjoyed playing football and has tried to keep it up over the years as feels it is a great way to keep fit.  But other than that, during down times after fights, he likes to wind down by chilling with his friends and family and making the most of his free time.  Talking of family, Tommy says the support he gets is everything to him and without them he wouldn’t be where he is today.  The family are incredibly close and always pushing each other to go that extra mile.  Of his Mum, Denise Mensah, Tommy says she is the main champion and she has never missed a single fight.  As Tommy says it is a huge stress and worry for a parent to see their children in the cage fighting toe to toe with someone who is trained to knock you out.  Even Tommy’s Nan loves hearing about the wins and will occasionally go along to an event, showing her support by waving her first in the air as Tommy trades punches.  Nan loves it!

When it comes to fighters that Tommy respects he says there are too many out there but out of them all Louis KO King has his utmost respect.  Of Louis, Tommy says he is his inspiration and without him the aggression he has inside of him when he fights and the focus that he gives him just wouldn’t be the same.

Tommy says that Louis and him had a tough childhood.  Growing up wasn’t always easy in a white neighbourhood, being two of the only black kids on the estate.  The inevitable name calling led to fighting but Louis told him right from the start to always stand his ground and never walk away from a fight and Tommy tells us to this day he never has and has no desire to do so.

Tommy has told us his inspiration and already there are fighters who look up to him so what advice can he give to others and what has he learned being in the industry.  He tells us the only advice he has is to focus on your dreams and turn them into a reality.  Hard work pays off.  Losing his first Professional K1 fight was the biggest learning curve so far for Tommy, he says you learn from your mistakes and that from that night on, he knew he would not take the sport for granted.  Even today, the fight still plays on his mind but on a positive note it gives him the raw determination to keep winning.

Tommy’s second fight at UCMMA was against Chase Morton who BritFights saw fight at WCMMA.  We were impressed with Chase and liked his style which as Tommy says is very awkward and unorthodox.  Looking back to the fight, Tommy says it went well but he felt quite static and held back for reasons he is unsure of.  He wasn’t surprised at Chase as he had previously fought Muay Thai fighters and knew what his style was going to be like as he had heard about him from the WCMMA fight.

Tommy won the fight and Chase was disappointed with his performance and told me he would love to fight Tommy again in the future.  A lot of fighters do not see the point in rematches but Tommy says it would be a pleasure to fight him again as he feels everyone deserves a second chance.  But he points out, all the time Chase is training and getting better, Tommy himself is doing the same.  He says Chase is a good man and he will take nothing away from him and is sure he will go far.  He wishes him good luck and looks forward to seeing him on the circuit again soon.

On November 10th at G-Live, Guildford, Tommy takes on the brawler from Dundee, Julez Loftus for the Welterweight UK1 title.  He doesn’t know a lot about Julez other than he has a brawling style when he fights and that he is coming all the way from Scotland for a war.  Tommy isn’t taking him for granted, as with anyone he fights he enters the cage as if it is the hardest fight of his life.  But Tommy assures us and his fans that he will be bringing home the belt.

With Louis making the transgression into MMA, we wondered if Tommy would follow in his footsteps but Tommy says K1 is where he is at the moment although he is in talks about moving into MMA sometime next year.

On fight night, Tommy has no rituals or superstitions like some fighters do, he spends time focusing his mind and having controlled aggression running through his veins which he calls the calm before the storm.  He has no intention of turning down any fighter put in front of him as he believes he has the skills and the ability to win at any cost.  Tommy tells us that he gains further levels of determination and learns off every fighter he faces in the cage as each has his own style and technique.

We have enjoyed this interview immensely and would like to thank Tommy for his time.  We love watching the Kings fight and can’t wait to see Tommy bring home that belt in just over a weeks’ time.  Tommy would like to thank the following people:

“A massive thank you as always to my Bro, my family and friends for all their on-going loyal support. A massive thank you to my coaches Matthew Powell and Ollie Beard for sticking by me through the years, thick and thin. Also a big thank you to Gary Bond my manager for pushing us further into the fight world. Big thanks to my girlfriend Emma Goode for having the patience to write this all down for me as my computer intelligence is not to be desired ha ha 😉

Thank you very much Brit Fights it’s been a pleasure ;)”

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  1. Brilliant xx

  2. Tommy King and his Brother Louis are two of the best K1 fighters I’ve seen in action I’ve also been in the changing room area befor we fought on UCMMA and have witnessed the level of focus they both have. I think that both these brothers are destined for greatness in the world of MMA Louis first Tommy not long after.. I want to see these brothers in the UFC..follow your Dreams!

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