Heading into London on a bitterly cold Saturday night, we were shivering as we entered the Troxy.  It was time for WCMMA 7 and the card was stacked with new faces and old favourites.  The crowd were there to support their fighters and at times the noise was deafening which is always good to hear, as WCMMA is an Amateur event but people still come out in force and make a lot of noise!

Here are the results:

Modestas Bukauskas v Adem Osman.  Bukauskas wins at 1m9s of R1 by KO.

Kieran Linestar v Jack Capper.  Linestar wins by UD.

Hamish McIntyre v John Ballie.  McIntyre wins at 1m4s by TKO (G&P)

Dominic Wooding v Zabi Sahabbi.  Wooding wins by UD.

Denzil Duncan v Silmak Aghili.  Duncan wins by MD.

Abdul Modarresi v Matt Brogan.  Modarresi wins by Arm Triangle.

Nicolas Michalewicz v Marcus Niole.  Michalewicz wins by MD (K1)

Barry Ryan v Ali Nazha.  Ryan wins at 53s of R2 by TKO (G&P)

Mo Lasladg v Mak Mwanza.  Lasladj wins by UD.

Jack Tyley v Wez Roche.  Tyley wins by UD.

Diniu Siviu Bacalet v Declan Maunsell.  Bacalet wins at 43s by Arm Triangle.

Charlie Brown v Rocky Thomas.  Brown wins by UD.

Maciej Sosnowski v Lee Davis.  Sosnowski wins by TKO at 20s.

Ben Manuwa v Pitbull.  Manuwa wins by TKO.

Joey Sanchez v Terry Campbell.  Sanchez wins by Guillotine.

Emrah Sonmez v Freddie Allen.  Sonmez wins by UD.

Scott Moore v Brendan Cherry.  Moore wins at 1.22 of R2 by TKO.

Dean Simmonds v Mike Maroudas.  Simmonds wins at 1m27s of R3 by Guillotine (Featherweight Title)

Josh Lappin v TJ Simmons.  Lappin wins at 1.29 of R1 by Triangle Choke (Bantamweight Title).

Thanks to George of love2fightuk.com for help with the results.

We spent the evening talking to Jason ‘The Assassin’ Radcliffe who has had to pull out of his fight against Ben ‘The Situation’ Callum due to a personal loss.  We also spoke to Calvin ‘JusCage’ Petrie who can’t wait to get back in that cage and put on another explosive performance.  So bring on 2013 we say because the guys are raring to go.

That’s it for WCMMA this year but it will be back next year so check out www.ucmma.tv for all the dates and news.


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