Harry Shoebridge

NAME:                     HARRY ‘HITMAN’ SHOEBRIDGE

AGE:                         22


TEAM:                     SEMTEX GYM

RECORD:                 2-1-0

Harry Shoebridge has been training in Martial Arts for over 7 years on and off and has been involved in the highly successful Mixed Martial Arts organisation and undoubtedly the best in the UK, UCMMA.

After watching “Lightning” Lee Murray, Shoebridge instantly wanted to become a “Cage Fighter”. He started training at Eltham Warriors with the likes or Lee Murray, Mark Epstein and even Jake Bostwick, and then his friend, Jason Young introduced him to Dave O’Donnell and the Elite Fighting System where his MMA Career started.

“After 10mins of speaking to Dave, I told him I can work shows if needed, he gave a little laugh like “yeah okay mate”. A few days later I get the call, “Are you free this weekend”?”

Dave gave him an opportunity when he was 15 – working back stage at Wembley Arena for the world wide known event in CAGE RAGE as a runner. Now he sits opposite him, working closely to build each UCMMA event and helping to raise the profile of not just UCMMA, or UKMMA but even the fighters themselves.




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