Dom Clark Catch Up

BritFights caught up with Dom Clark to see how he feels about losing to Sean Carter and how the preparation is going for his next fight at UCMMA in December against Ben McGonigle.

We last saw Dom fight Sean Carter back in August where he lost to Sean via TKO in Round 2.  Dom tells us his camp had gone really well up until week eleven of the fight when he then caught a bad fever and fell ill which put him back a few days in his weight cut.  He looked poorly when we saw him but he stepped in the cage and says there are no excuses.

Obviously no one likes to lose but as Dom says he has lost before and he still strives to fight so after taking some time to reflect he is back and definitely looking to amend the loss.

Training has been going really well for Dom although he points out it is always tough as he puts himself under a lot of pressure and expects a lot from himself but does tell us he has called in some good fighter mates to help him train.

We saw Ben McGonigle take on Dan Elie at UCMMA 30 and were very impressed with the fight, giving it Fight of the Night.  Dom tells us that Ben is a credible opponent and hasn’t been matched with any whipping boys.  He continues to tell us that Ben is tough, conditioned and that we can expect an explosive fight when Dom steps into the cage.  When asked about how he is preparing for Ben all Dom will tell us is that he has a game plan and will see how it fairs out on the night.

Dom isn’t into calling fighters out as he respects all athletes that get into the cage.  In the future, he is happy to fight anyone that Dave O’Donnell matches him with as Dom never turns down a fight.  But for the long term Dom wants to win the UCMMA LW Title.

Dom trains out of Fight Science and says that training has been going really well, the whole team is evolving with new champions, whether that is guys earning their stripes in BJJ or guys stepping in the cage.  Dom says Fight Science isn’t going anywhere!  Dom gets to work on all his disciplines at Fight Science and is trying his best to be an all-rounder.  He entered the UCMMA scene being renowned for his wrestling and G&P which he feels he has showcased.  Looking back to his last fight, Dom feels he showed us that he is also happy to stand and throw and hopes the fans can see he isn’t a one dimensional fighter and that he wants all his fights to be exciting.

Well thank you to Dom for his time and we look forward to seeing the fireworks on December 1st.


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