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Paul Taylor is a Heavyweight fighter from Birmingham with a record of 5-2-0. He fights out of A.S.W at Powerbeck Gym in Wigan. We caught up with Paul after his fight at UCMMA against Carl Kinslow to find out how Paul felt it went, what his next move is and more about Paul himself.

Paul originally got into MMA working the doors in Birmingham with a guy who was always shadow boxing and talking about fighting. This got Paul interested and he slowing got more into it so he went along to a session with a respected fighter in Birmingham called Robbo Roberts. Paul tells us his first experience of sparring with Robbo left him with a black eye and broken tooth but he still loved it!
He started training with Robbo and during that time was given a book by Ian Freeman. After reading it, Paul knew that fighting was what he wanted to do and after just a couple of months training he fought but sadly lost. The rest he says ‘is history’.

When it comes to training, Paul says it is intense all year round. His head coach is Darren Morris and Paul tells us that Darren takes no rubbish and pushes all the fighters including Paul to their limits, especially leading up to a fight. He goes on to say he does hard conditioning every day before MMA training even begins.

A lot of fighters also hold down part or full time jobs but Paul is fully sponsored so he doesn’t have to work but can concentrate on training full time. Outside of MMA he finds time to watch drag racing at Santa Pod with his Dad and he spends a lot of time with his family who are all completely supportive of his chosen career. Paul tells us he is very lucky to have a brilliant girlfriend who is behind him 100% and great loyal friends, old and new who support him at the fights. He says he is truly blessed to have such support.

Paul himself looks up to Ian Freeman as it is Ian who inspired him to get into fighting, once he had read his book. Of Ian, Paul says he has achieved a great deal as a fighter and is truly a legend of the sport. Paul also feels it is Ian who got ‘us Brits’ on the map. Paul goes on to say that as a fighter, the greatest in the world is Fedor.

We asked Paul what advice he has for others in MMA and he says you have to stick with it, believe in yourself and strive to get better every day. Although goals may seem far away when you first start out they are quickly overcome and all it takes is hard work.
Paul’s biggest learning curve was losing his first ever fight but after just his third fight he took one with Jeff Monson. He says he should have trained harder and longer before his first fight. He did take a fight with Jeff and was respected for doing so, so it wasn’t all bad for him but in hindsight he wishes he had taken his time a little more early in his career.

On the day of fights, all fighters handle things in different ways. Paul tells us that he is always sick on the day of his fights and takes lots of showers to loosen up. He says he literally takes six showers and feels he is sick because it is his body getting ready! Other than showering and being sick, Paul wears a beaded necklace all day. His daughter made it for him and he only takes it off before he gets in the cage.

Looking at his fight against Kinslow, Paul was glad to end it at just 4m21s of R1 as he had a bad chest infection. Paul is next in the cage at UWC in Southend on Saturday December 22nd where he faces Reza Meldavian. Paul is looking forward to fighting on UWC and more importantly fighting when he is 100% fit again. He is looking to show us exactly what he can do and we will be there to let you know how it goes.

Paul also took on Scott Saward recently KO’ing him at just 33s of R1. Paul says Scott was the biggest fighter, physically that he has faced so far. He considered him a great test and he knew he couldn’t get caught clean by him as he has a reputation for finishing fights with his power shots. Paul says he went in there without a game plan but had plenty of movement and picked his shots. He hit Scott’s chin first and as he says ‘that’s MMA’. Paul thinks Scott has a great future and he regularly speaks with him and follows his progress. He says he is a good guy and one to watch out for in the future!

Paul’s ultimate goal is to get into the UFC and will fight anyone who is in front of him. He doesn’t like calling people out or saying particular people he would like to fight because it comes across as personal and Paul is in the game to climb the ladder and fight who he has to, to make it. He does however fancy a rematch with Jeff!

It has been a pleasure interviewing Paul and we would like thank him for his time. We look forward to seeing him fight again soon. Paul would like to thank:

“I would like to thank my coach Darren Morris and my amazing team at ASW and the owners at Powerbeck for everything they have done. I would also like to thank Ian Freeman, my family, friends and my supporters. Thank you to my management TFL Sports Management and my sponsors for everything they do and lastly thank you to BritFights for the interview.”

Thank you to Helen of for use of the photography.


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