Spencer Hewitt & The Terror Squad

BritFights caught up with the very busy Spencer Hewitt to find out how the new gym is coming along; how he is feeling about his win against Cameron Else at UCMMA and his upcoming fight against James Doolan on BAMMA. 

We visited MMA Terror Squad at its new premises in Rainham, Essex and the new gym was ready.  All kitted out in black and red with punch bags, a cage and a cage wall it was exciting to see the project at its conclusion.  We wandered around and noticed Spencer’s belts on the wall, along with various photos of the Terror Squad.  One thing you will always get from these guys is team spirit; they support each other 100%.

Spencer recently defeated Cameron Else via RNC and we wanted to know if the fight went to plan.  Spencer tells us that everything went to plan and because Cameron is a purple belt in Jui Jitsu, he wanted to prove a point by finishing him with a submission win which he did at just 3m57s of R1. 

Spencer was delighted with the win as he had previously lost to Georgio Andrews by Decision.  Spencer says the judge’s decision was the right one as he didn’t perform on the night.  We wondered if Georgio was surprised to come up against such a tough opponent as prior to his fight with Spencer he had finished everyone in R1!  Spencer says he doesn’t think he was surprised but he himself was pleased to go three rounds with an undefeated fighter and feels if he had performed to his best, the result could have been interesting.  The banter at the press conference was entertaining to say the least, with both Georgio and Spencer giving it back and forth.  This is what Spencer says let him down, he got too emotionally involved and was looking for the KO which meant he neglected the rest of his game.

Although a lot of people say rematches are pointless, Spencer would love the rematch and has said he would fight Georgio for free and let him keep his purse!  We need to badger Dave O’Donnell at UCMMA for this rematch as Spencer is obviously extremely confident of the win. 

On the same card as Spencer Hewitt v Cameron Else, another two ‘Terrors’ were on the card.  Dan Elie and Makunga Bunduku.  Sadly Dan lost but the fight was amazing with both fighters showing such determination.  Makunga won again and the support he had from the crowd was deafening.  Spencer tells us that training is going amazingly well, especially as the new gym is now open.  As we said the gym has a cage and a cage wall and Spencer tells us they have the best coaches in the world from Wrestling to Boxing to Muay Thai.

Looking to the future, Spencer is due to fight James Doolan (16-8-2) who according to online research hasn’t fought since April.  James also enters the fight on a loss whereas Spencer enters on a win.  We wanted to know what Spencer knows about James and how he is feeling.  He tells us that James is number 4 in Europe at BW, has very good Thai and a very dangerous Thai clinch as well as a good ground game.  Spencer says he is tall for the weight at 5’10”.  The fact that James lost his last fight has no bearing for Spencer as it was against a very talented fighter and was an international fight.  As for fighting on BAMMA for the first time, Spencer is excited as it is one of the biggest shows in Europe and he is fighting one of the best guys in Europe.

 Whenever the Terror Squad are in the house, the noise is deafening with friends and family screaming and shouting for them.  Spencer says he loves the support and although he doesn’t hear the noise constantly, he tends to hear it before the fight and in between rounds and he tells us it really gets the adrenaline going.

After BAMMA, Spencer has his sights set on a few rematches.  One with Georgio Andrews as we already mentioned, he really wants to show Andrews what he can do when he performs at his best.  He also would like to fight Chris Edwards again as he lost to him earlier on his career and believes he can win the rematch.  On a bigger scale Spencer says he would love to fight Dobson who fights on the UFC at 125 or Miguel Torres who fights at 135.

Spencer is always on the go so we wondered if it is hard to juggle coaching others and training, especially in the lead up to a fight.  Spencer says it isn’t hard as he has a whole team who help him take the classes when he is concentrating on his own prep for a fight.  He also says that teaching is a great way to help him analyse fighters’ games.

There are a lot of people who look up to Spencer but we wanted to know who Spencer looks up to.  He tells us that one of his favourite UK fighters is Brad Pickett because he always brings an exciting performance and is a really nice guy.  BJ Penn is also a favourite purely because he is a legend.  But other than fighters, Spencer looks to other athletes to inspire him such as Michael Jordan the Basketball player and Sugar Ray Robinson.  Prior to Spencer’s last fight we found him relaxed in the dressing room reading an inspirational book by Michael Jordan so obviously Mr Jordan has something to say that works.

We would like to close by telling you all to check out MMA Terror Squad’s new gym.  There are plenty of ways to pay suitable for all and lots of classes through the day and evening.  For more information follow Spencer on Twitter @hewittmma for up to date information and please check out the current timetable.

We would like to thank Spencer for his time and for letting us check out the gym and also Chris at Elite MMA for allowing us the interview.  Spencer would like to thank the following people:

My manager Chris at Elite MMA Agency; Lee Pearman of Bureaulogic Recruitment; All my coaches:  Mark Walder, Jez Lord, Ross Hewitt and Pete my wrestling coach and also my physio Phil; Origin Gym for helping us to get the new gym up and running – Kev and Nat; The whole of MMA Terror Squad.  My wife to be Beelia. BritFights for their time and all the promoters that love the sport.


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