Meet Dominic Wooding

Dominic Wooding is set to burst onto the scene, making his debut at WCMMA on Saturday 27th October 2012.  At just 16 he is the youngest we have ever interviewed and we are excited to have got the chance to talk to him at the beginning of his career.

Dominic told us that he is fighting Jack Costa a fighter he doesn’t know too much about other than the fact he is an Independent Fighter, whereas Dominic fights out of Team Titan and is managed by Elite.  Dominic goes on to tell us that he is really excited about making his debut and there is no mention of nerves.

As we said Dominic fights out of Team Titan who he says are one of the best and trains with elite athletes such as Brad Pickett, Jason Young, Nathan Greyson, Bola Omoyele, Michael Pastou, Luke Newman and Ashleigh Grimshaw, amongst other great fighters.  At just sixteen, Dominic is 5’8” and a Flyweight fighter.
Dominic has been around Martial Arts for two years.  He started training in Muay Thai and Traditional Jiu Jitsu which he did for just over a year and then he made the transition into MMA about a year ago.  Originally he got into it after playing an MMA videogame!

With regards to his friends and family they are supportive and very excited about him making his debut next week at The Troxy.  Dominic is a very busy young man who is in college but still finds time to train every day Monday through Friday.

Even at sixteen Dominic already knows the fighters he looks up to and they include Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jon Jones, Jose Aldo, GSP and Edson Barboza.  He says he loves the way that these guys fight and feels they are great ambassadors for the sport.

When we asked Dominic what he thinks his strongest discipline is he says it is his stand-up as he LOVES to strike.  So we can expect some fireworks next week in his debut performance.  Dominic is happy to stick in the amateur circuit for a while as he feels he still has a lot to learn within MMA before he turns professional.

We will be at The Troxy next week to see Dominic make his debut and will catch up with him afterwards to find out how it all went in his eyes.  In the meantime we would like to thank Chris at Elite for organising the interview and Dominic for taking the time to talk to us.

Dominic would like to close with the following thanks:

“First I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I’d also like to thank my family and friends for the huge support I am getting from them.  Also thanks to my management ELITE MMA AGENCY for everything they are doing for me and for taking me on board and believing in me.  I would finally like to thank my team mates:  Jody Collins, Nathan Greyson, Ashleigh Grimshaw, Bola Omoyele and Luke Newman for helping me out in my fight camp and of course the rest of the Titan boys”.


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