UWC 21 Review

Saturday 20th October and it was a wet, miserable night in Essex, the kind of night you want to snuggle up on the sofa and go nowhere but BritFights were attending UWC in Southend-on-Sea and forget the duvet and central heating, the heat was certainly on at Garons!

This was the first time we had attended a UWC event and we were excited!  The venue itself was superb, the layout of seating meant everyone could see from everywhere and gave the feel of a real sporting event.

On arrival we were sent through to the main area and found ourselves wandering around cage side.  We caught sight of Sean Carter and Luke Barnatt who were there supporting the BKK guys and we saw lots of new faces who we definitely want to hook up with for interviews in the future.  Stav Economou was there cornering the TSG fighters and we will soon be speaking to Stav so look out for this in the near future. 

The whole event was very relaxed and laid back and focussed totally on the sport, there was no hype but it wasn’t needed, the action was all that was needed.  Everyone was friendly and helpful and it was a pleasure to be so close to the cage whilst watching the events.  We were close enough to hear the thud of bodies hitting the canvas in the take downs and see the blood flowing freely from the elbows and punches.

If you are new to MMA and fancy having a watch, then we strongly suggest you get down to the next UWC event to take in some brilliant action where we felt the fighters were superbly matched, ensuring great fights.

Here are all the results:

Scott Holbrey (Medway Submissions) 0-1-0 v Nickie Owens (TSG Fight School) 3-2-0  Semi Pro Event scheduled for 2×4 min rounds.  Owens won at 2m41s of Round 1 via Tapout due to Arm Bar.

Scott Rogan (SOR Newcastle) Debut v Chris Matthews (TSG Thai Boxing) Debut K1 Event scheduled for 3×3 min rounds.  Matthews won at 2m50s of Round 1 via Verbal Submission.

Ryan Scott (TSG Fight School, Grays) Debut v Dan Whiston (Team Elite, Rochford) Debut  Semi Pro Event scheduled for 2×4 min rounds.  Scott won by Unanimous Decision.

Josh Dennis (Black Tigers) 2-0-0 v Joe Emmons (Southend Muay Thai) 4-0-0 K1 Event scheduled for 3×2 min rounds.  Emmons won by Technical KO.

Lukasz Kupneiwski (Team Tsuanmi) 1-0-0 v Dan Piper (TSG Fight School) 3-0-0 Semi Pro Event scheduled for 2×4 min rounds.  Kupneiwski won by Majority Decision.

Kim Thinghaugen (Valhall) 1-0-0 v Arnold Allen (BKK Fighters) 1-0-0 Pro MMA Event scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Allen won due to Doctor Stoppage. 

Charlie Leary (Team Crossface) 4-4-1 v Chris Richardson (MMA Clininc) 2-3-0 Pro MMA Event schedule for 3×5 min rounds.  Leary won at 2m21s of Round 1 Ref stoppage due to Ground & Pound.

Jason Cooledge (BKK Fighters) 5-3-0 v Hayden Critchfield (Team Crossface) 6-4-0 Pro MMA Event scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Cooledge won at 4m15s of Round 2 via Tapout due to an Arm Triangle.

Kes Mumba (Team Mumba) 2-2-0 v Wendle Lewis (Team Titan and Legacy MMA) 5-1-0 Pro MMA Event scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Lewis won due to Doctor Stoppage at 3m18s of Round 2.

Lorc Marty (Team Scorpion) 13-13-0 v Matt Ewin (Trojan Freefighters) 22-12-1 Pro MMA Event scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Ewin won at 3m3s of Round 1 Referee stoppage due to Ground & Pound.

Manuel Garcia 22-14-0 v Walter Gahadza (TSG Fight School) 9-0-0 Pro MMA Event Scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Gahadza won at 1m59s of Round 1 via Tapout due to Strikes.

Kevin Thompson (Team Machine) 13-4-0 v Ricco Rodriguez (Team Rodriguez) 48-18-0 Pro MMA Event scheduled for 3×5 min rounds.  Rodriguez won at 4m45s of Round 1 via to Tapout due to Armbar.


All the fights were well matched and therefore entertaining, showcasing both the stand-up and the ground game.  Right back to the start of the card, the fighters came and gave it their all.  The support the local guys received from the crowd was amazing, there is nothing quite like the roar you get from a home crowd.

It is hard to choose a Fighter and Fight of the Night as we feel everyone did a fantastic job but we settled on the following:

Fight of the Night:   Kes Mumba v Wendle Lewis.  After spending time trying to establish the reasoning behind Mumba’s repeated fall to the mat, we realised it was a move he was trying to execute and eventually did, locking Lewis’s leg.  It looked a bit dodgy for Lewis but he managed to escape the leg lock and ended up opening Mumba’s head with a flurry of elbows.  The cut was enough for the ref to stop the fight.  Another win for Wendle who was ecstatic to be back with a boom!

Fighter of the Night:  We were impressed with Walter Gahadza who adds another win to his undefeated record taking him into double figures.  We liked his aggression and hunger and know we will be seeing more of him in the future, plus an interview coming soon on BritFights.

We would also like to mention Arnold Allen who is definitely one to watch out for.  We were there at his debut and he didn’t disappoint in his second fight at UWC.  And we cannot close without mentioning Joe Emmons, we enjoyed his style and anyone who comes out to Bubbles is a winner in our book.

A really fantastic night hosted by Ian ‘the machine’ Freeman who got the crowd in Southend pumped and ready for action.  All we want to know is………..when is the next one?  For more information on UWC, please visit their website http://ultimatewarriorchallenge.co.uk/

All pictures will be on Facebook Suzy Athey.


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