Wendle Talks To Us

BritFights caught up with Wendle Lewis to find out how he is feeling after his loss against Galore Bofando at UCMMA and also how he is preparing for his next fight against Kes Mumba at UWC on October 20th.

Wendle starts off by saying that he feels sad that the fight against Galore didn’t go his way but he feels that a few things were out of place that night.  He explains that he put himself through a long, hard training camp that lasted about fourteen weeks and didn’t periodise his training.  He continues to say that although he trained hard, he didn’t train smart but he is also quick to point out that he is taking nothing away from Galore who he says executed on the night.

Of Galore, Wendle says he believes he is the dark horse of the division.  Galore was out for a while and Wendle says he may have gone off of the radar to many.  He says Galore is highly athletic and very flexible and in their fight, Wendle feels he did well with commanding the distance.  As we have said and Wendle reiterates, Galore could go far.

It was hard watching Wendle lose but for Wendle himself, we wondered how he took it.  He tells us that to lose in the manner he did hurt him pretty bad.  He had friends and family watching, who were expecting him to rack up another win.  After the fight, he went through a process where he felt despondent and inconsolable for a while but the support from his family, management and team and all the fans really helped him pick himself up and make the changes to improve him as a fighter.  He explains it was gut check time and he decided he wasn’t going to go out like that.  He hasn’t even scratched the surface of his capabilities in the cage and got back to work and is ready to get back to winning ways at UWC.

Other than training, Wendle has been spending a lot of time with his niece Lauren and other family.  With regards to training, his grappling coach has introduced him to a strength and conditioning coach called Andrew Marshall so Wendle has spent the summer working that part of his game which he tells us he has neglected, particularly raw strength and power work.

Wendle, like the rest of the country also enjoyed watching the Olympics over the summer and spent time formulating his next move with his management.  Wendle says his training has been going very well and that the team have approached this camp intelligently.  He has shortened his camp which has made a huge difference in his mood and motivation throughout.  As usual, training is hard but Wendle says it is nice to find moment to have a laugh with his coaches and team mates.

As we know he is the ‘Nice Guy’ of MMA and says he isn’t the sort of fighter who needs to walk around with a scowl on his face all of the time just because he is training for a fight.  And as Wendle points out, it takes more energy to frown!

Wendle takes on Kes Mumba who has a record of 3-3-0 and who last fought at UWC in September where he won against Duncan Young at 55 seconds of Round 1 submitting him by Guillotine Choke.  Of Kes, Wendle says he doesn’t know a lot about him but feels he is a little awkward in the stand-up but quite savvy on the ground.  Wendle has won two fights by Unanimous Decision, two by TKO/KO and one by Submission.  With only one loss on his record, we are sure Wendle is ready to add another big win.

Other than his first fight, Wendle has only fought on UCMMA so says he is looking forward to having a change in venue.  He says as far back as secondary school where he played basketball and did athletics, he always loved the away games.  He explains that there is just something about playing in front of a crowd that have never seen you before and putting on a good show.  He says the same goes for MMA and although he loves fighting in London, he loves to move around.

We would like to thank Wendle for his time and wish him all the best of luck for his next fight which is just over a week away.  We will be there cheering him on.  Wendle would like to thank the following people:

“I’d like to thank my team, coaches and management for their support over the past few months. I feel very fortunate to be training with some of the best athletes and coaches in the UK. Also I’d like to thank my family who really supported me and helped me to dust myself off and come back stronger. Last but not least I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to chase my dream of becoming one of the UK’s finest!”

Thank you to Charli of www.littleredcreative.co.uk for use of the photos.


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