UCMMA 30 had a stacked card with some exciting fights lined up.  Walking around the arena, we could hear people commenting that this was the best card to date.  The atmosphere was fantastic.  We spent most of the evening with Jason ‘The Assassin’ Radcliffe doing an exclusive article which will be up some time soon but for now let us give you all the results and a little bit more.

We couldn’t wait for some of the guys on the undercard as they have proven themselves worthy of being professionals at previous events.  We were particularly interested in seeing Makunga Bunduku, Galore Bofando, Tommy King/Chase Morton and Spencer Hewitt.  But after attending the press conference we knew all the guys were up for it and they didn’t disappoint.

Martin Sheridan v Paul Kingdon saw Sheridan win by TKO at 1m19s Round 1.

Ben McGonigle v Dan Elie saw McGonigle win at 3m8s of Round 3 by TKO.  This fight was absolutely cracking with non-stop action from start to finish.  Both ended up battered and bruised but they gave the crowd exactly what they wanted and it was a pleasure to watch both Ben and Dan give it their all.  Ben McGonigle is fighting Dom Clark in December.

Steve Brand v Makunga Bunduku saw Bunduku win at just 57s of Round 1 submitting Brand by Guillotine Choke.  We liked Bunduku when we saw him fight at a previous UCMMA and our opinion is still that he is one to watch out for.

Chase Morton v Tommy King saw King win at 2m34s of Round 1 by TKO.  This was one we were excited about after seeing Chase at WCMMA and liking his style.  We know Tommy is a great fighter and both were banging hard.  Speaking to Chase after the fight he told us that he felt the only thing that let him down was his fitness and that he intends to work on it.  Chase says he really thought he could beat Tommy but says he has a lot of respect for him and would like to get a few more fights under his belt and then would love to fight Tommy again.  We hope we see this happen in the future and we are looking forward to following both their careers as the progress.

Umer Kayani v Colin Wilby saw Kayani win by Triangle Choke at 1m40s of Round 2.

Andy Cona v Jordan Wright saw Wright win by KO at 3m of Round 1.  Andy is always ready to step up and fight and he told us that people tell him he is crazy but as he points out ‘so is drinking too much or taking drugs’.  He went on to say that he loves fighting and it is far better that he is in the cage doing so.  Andy is up against Jamaine Facey at the next UCMMA.

Cameron Else v Spencer Hewitt saw Hewitt win at 3m57s of Round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.  Spencer told us after that it felt great to be back on top and that he was looking forward to his next fight and continuing the winning streak.

Robert Skujins v Galore Bofando saw Skujins take the win when Bofando was disqualified for an illegal knee.  We were disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of Galore as we think he is an amazing fighter with moves like we have never seen.  We are sure we will see Galore again soon and were pleased that we were able to watch him warming up before his fight.

With the undercard over and a short break in the show, we wandered around and found the atmosphere to be electric.  Being upstairs with the guys as they prepared was a great eye opener.  Some of the guys were calm and relaxed, even when warming up; others were hyped up to the max.  Word of advice; keep out of Chi Lewis Parry’s way when he is warming up – scary!

Onto the main card which was also stacked with seasoned fighters.

Aurelijus Kerpe v Andre McIntyre saw Kerpe win at 2m of Round 2 by TKO.  We really rate Andre as a fighter and are sure he will be back soon looking for another win.

Jimmy Millar v Jason Radcliffe saw Radcliffe win at 4m21s of Round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.  Radcliffe was ecstatic about his first submission win and he now faces Ben Callum in December for the Title.  There will be more about Jason in our special article coming soon.

Andy Monzolo v Louis King saw King win at 2m29s of Round 1 by TKO.  Louis made his MMA debut after rocking the UK1 scene and carried on his heavy handed approach in this fight.  We can’t wait to see Louis fight again in MMA.

Carl Kinslow v Paul Taylor saw Taylor win when the referee stopped the fight at 4m21s of Round 1 due to Kinslow’s cuts.  Taylor seemed very relaxed before the fight and after his big KO against Scott Saward he adds another win to his record.

Tomasz Czerwinski v Chi Lewis Parry saw Parry win by Unanimous Decision after the fight went the distance.

Dayman Lake v Darren Towler saw Towler win in just 48s of Round 1 by TKO.  Darren looked in good shape prior to the fight but blink and you would have missed it, he takes on Neil Grove next.

Luke Sines v Jake Bostwick saw Bostwick win by majority decision in a gruelling fight.  Jake said at the press conference that Luke was a great opponent and these guys put on a fight that had the crowd on its feet on numerous occasions.

On this occasion we are giving two Fight of the Night awards because we feel both are worthy.

Luke Sines v Jake Bostwick on the Main Card and Ben McGonigle v Dan Elie on the Undercard.

Our Fighter of the Night has to go to Jake Bostwick for battling hard and giving us a non-stop fight.  The second round saw Jake go back to his corner shaking his head but the final round saw him come out like he knew he wasn’t going to lose.  Well done Jake.

December the 1st sees the last UCMMA of the year.  Be sure to get your tickets in quick.


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