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BritFights were impressed with Chase Morton when we saw him at WCMMA and wanted to catch up with him to find out more about him.  We always like to keep our fighters happy and Chase requested a Question & Answer type interview rather than our usual style.  We are sure you will enjoy learning more about this exciting new fighter as much as we did and if you want to see him in action get down to The Troxy on Saturday for UCMMA.

1.  Tell us your full name including nickname/height/weight/record/where you fight out of?

I don’t have a fight name yet, but my full name is Chase Michael Junior Morton. I am 6ft, competing at 77kg. My Pro K-1 record is 3-0 and I am currently fighting out of Combat Company, Richmond.

2.  How did you get into MMA originally?

I was born in to a Martial Arts family. I was brought up with it, so I started when I was five years old. My uncle showed me the way in Tae Kwan Do, keeping me well focussed and out of trouble, and helping me progress up to Black Belt at WTF standard. I have been competing in TKD and Kickboxing nationally and internationally since 2000.

3.  What is a typical week like for you training and how, if at all does it differ leading up to a fight?

A standard week is five hours each of stand-up, ground-work, grappling and cardio; which fits in and around teaching at Combat Company. We have some world class coaches, so if you want top quality Martial Arts training, come and see us.  Getting ready for this fight I’m concentrating on my stand-up; training hard so I can kick him in the head!

4.  Do you have any pre-fight/fight night superstitions or rituals that you adhere to?  If so, any reason for them?

I meditate for three minutes. Speak to passed relatives. Just generally hype myself up so I’m ready to go!

5.  Have you got any advice to anyone looking to get into MMA?

Train hard. Find a good team of coaches to train under, a good team of people to train WITH, find your discipline and go for it: 100%.

6.  What has been your biggest learning curve in MMA so far?

Re-learning boxing with Jimmy Manua’s former trainer, Peter Simon. Also starting BJJ and working with Gabriel Rainho has showed me just how much I need to learn about the ground game, but I’m closing the gap every day!

7.  Do you have a ‘day job’ and any other hobbies outside of MMA?

Yes, I am a musician. I write and perform soul, jazz and R&B; I’ve performed on stage in front of over 40,000 people. I’m also a vocal coach. It’s a very different lifestyle I can tell you.

8.  How do your friends and family feel about you fighting?

I am from a long line of fighters, so they support me 100%.

9.  Who do you respect as an MMA fighter and why?  And what is it like training at the Combat Company?

At the moment, I’m all about “Rowdy” Ronda! I love her attitude and work ethic;the things she’s achieved for women’s MMA. She’s hot too! All of Combat Company is like one big family to me. To be honest, without them and my boys there I wouldn’t be here now. They took me in when I needed it most!

10. Your confidence and showmanship was akin to the likes of MVP.  Is this all in the hype?  Are you a natural entertainer?

Did it look like hype?

11. How do you feel about people who say MMA is a dangerous sport? And how do you feel about the UK MMA scene not being regulated?

Well one of the guys I work with over at the Combat Company, David Jenkins, is on the Executive Board of the British Kickboxing Council, so he deals with these questions a lot. I think he said it best: it’s no more dangerous than running around a field trying to steal a ball of each other with metal spikes attached to your feet. He watched a highlight show of one day’s worth of football and there was a concussion, a spinal injury, two broken ankles, a broken knee and several pulled hamstrings; and thats a “non-contact” sport!The following week, we watched one of the TUF Finale shows and one guy had slightly strained ligaments in his elbow. That was it. As far as regulation goes, it needs someone who’s interested in the sport as a whole, grass-roots, kids etc. and not the end product (televised pro-fights and money) to step up, that’s what Dave’s doing with the BKC and Kickboxing.

12. You just won at WCMMA against Aron Myat at 38s of Round 2 was this your first fight?  If so how did it feel making the debut? If not, tell us how you feel the fight went – was it to plan?

Yes, this my first MMA fight. I have competed in some Kickboxing tournaments and two boxing bouts so far this year. It felt surprisingly comfortable. I was a little nervous making that walk to the cage, but once the fight started everything
all came together! The plan was to win, so in that respect, everything went according to plan!

13. What is next for you?  Is it true that you are up against Tommy King soon?  And if so what made you want to go against him?

Yes it’s true; next on the list is Tommy King. Dave O’Donnell offered it to me after my win. I k ow Tommy is a real up-and-comer in the scene, so I am looking forward to putting my style against his!
14.  Any thanks you want included?

Thanks to everyone at Combat Company students and trainers:
Peter Simon – Boxing
Gabriel Rainho – BJJ and Judo
Mossin Houdini – Wrestling
Wez Lucas – Kickboxing and K1

Thanks for the interview. Watch this space: I’ll be around for a while!


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