Sean ‘Sexy Curls’ Carter

BritFights caught up with Sean ‘sexy curls’ Carter who fights in the Light Weight division out of BKK Fighters.  Back in August at UCMMA, Sean defeated Dom Clark of Fight Science and as usual had the crowd tittering at his antics.  We wanted to find out more about Sean but how much of this interview will be sensible remains to be seen!

Asking Sean how he got into MMA originally, I expected him to tell me that he was either on the wrong tracks and needed a change or that he has been training all his life.  How wrong was I?  Sean tells us that it was Chuck Norris who once told him that MMA was cool so obviously Sean did as Chuck said and here we are!

When it comes to training Sean says that typically a week for him will involve a lot of head movement but when fight preparation starts the head movement stops and he spends ten weeks getting punched and kicked a lot!  As we said Sean trains out of BKK and I wanted to know what that was like for him.  How exactly I tell you what he said is another thing………shall we just say he used an expletive that I won’t repeat!!

It is so hard to type this as I keep having to double check I have his answers correctly and then spend a few minutes laughing and recomposing myself to continue!

When it comes to Fight Night Superstitions Sean says he doesn’t really have any but as long as he is always full of self-doubt and Nandos and basically cacking himself for weeks before the fight then he knows he will be fine!

There is no one in particular Sean wants to fight but says he would really like to fight Jason Coolage from BKK Fighters as he thinks with his style he could out ugly him!  There is nobody lined up as yet for Sean’s next fight so Sean tells us he is just getting proper fat at the moment!

(Help me someone)!

Okay brace yourselves; we have a semi-straight answer coming up!  I asked Sean if he had any advice for others thinking of starting in MMA.  He says that people should take their time and get with a good team, improve on the skills and do it when you are ready because there are always shows looking for fighters so there is no rush.  He did also say to stay in school and get a real job!!!!  As for Sean’s biggest learning curve in MMA, it is quite simple and to the point – getting elbowed in the face by Danny Walsh is his answer!

Sean used to be a professional dancer and now he is fighting he dances for a hobby but other than that his hobby is chasing ‘fat birds’.  But we move on to that question later!

Sean has a lot of support off of friends and family.  Friends come to watch him fight and his brothers help him a lot with sorting the tickets out so he wants to say thank you to Adam and Leon and the rest of Team Papsi.  As for his Mum – he doesn’t tell her because she would get upset!

Sean defeated Dom in the first round whereas his other two fights have gone into round 3 and the distance.  Sean says it was nice to get the fight done and dusted as it left him more time to drink beer and bleed all over the place!  Of the fight, he says it was all action so it was good to be in an exciting fight but it takes two to make the excitement and Sean thanks Dom for having it with him.  Sean says he always has stuff he works on so he will be back better in the next one!
Sean’s debut fight was against Danny Walsh and we wanted to know how it felt to be making the debut.  Sean tells us he felt pretty calm but felt he under performed and should have done a lot better so feels he was probably nervous but he got the job done and dug deep to get the win but says his face told the story of a dude that just lost a fight!

So how does Sean feel about the people who say MMA is dangerous and how does he feel about UK MMA not being regulated? Sean says these people are boring because MMA is not dangerous and the stats tell us that.  He feels it is the media and people in general who aren’t informed or feel they have something to gain by MMA failing.  They make it out to be worse than it is and the skill and hard work that people put into MMA is second to none and MMA is a great sport.  Sean says a Governing Body would be a good idea just so that people know the rules they are fighting under especially with the Amateur section as there are always different rules, glove sizes and time limits.  Sean would be cool if it was all the same.

Okay whenever Sean has a mic and even when he doesn’t he is always on about finding fat birds so I want to know what this attraction/reference to fat birds is!  And all he will tell me is that every man has his weakness!  I will get to the bottom of it one day!

Sean was pleased that BritFights gave him Fight of the Night for his performance at UCMMA against Dom.  We felt that the fighters both came to fight and put on a show.

I need to rest now!

We would like to thank Sean for his highly entertaining interview, I have never used so many exclamation marks in an interview and now know why I do most of my interviews via email!

Sean would like to thank the following people in his own words:

“Big thanks to my sponsors:  British Fighter, Dream Supps, Funky Gums, The Bearman, Powering-Through and BKK Fighters.  My coaches Jack Mason, Lee Catling, Nick Albert, Steve Wright, Jamie Williams, The Bearman, Will Wayland and Costel.  The BKK owners Steve and Tim and all the boys down at BKK that helped me for this fight.  And to Arnold Allen for helping me with my spelling.  GET SOME FAT BIRDS”.

The next UCMMA is on October 6th at The Troxy London with an awesome card so get your tickets in quick!


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