Calvin The Champion

Only once before have I forgotten to give a special mention to someone but in all fairness that lapse started me off in this crazy world of MMA so I guess it did me a favour!   But this weekend saw the fabulous Calvin ‘Jus Cage’ Petrie take the Title at WCMMA.  And guess who forgot to mention him?  Suitably ashamed, I caught up with Calvin to find out how he is feeling since his spectacular win.

Calvin starts off by telling us that his training leading up to the fight against Dean Smith was intense and that he did lots of crazy rounds of sparring, cardio drills and game planning.  He even went to New Wave Academy and did a couple of rounds with another awesome fighter, Max Nunes.

Calvin certainly looked in good form when I bumped into him in the foyer hours before his fight.  This made me wonder what it is like for a fighter when they are the co main event of the evening and have to wait hours and hours until show time.  He tells us that in his first fight he was on at 7pm and his second at 8.30pm so to be on at 10.30pm for a title fight felt crazy.  But he says he planned ahead and by 8.30pm on Saturday he took a moment to chill out and focus on the job at hand.  He also tells us that being on so late means you get time to remember techniques that you might have forgotten.

I for one was cheering Calvin on as were lots and lots of people at The Troxy.  Calvin says he could hear everyone screaming and remembers there being a lot of screaming and tells us he too was screaming!

Whatever he was doing, he did it right because Calvin took the win at 74s of Round 1.  Not only did he finish his opponent with a KO, he was the only fighter to finish with a KO out of all the 19 fights.  Calvin was upstairs preparing for his fight most of the evening so hadn’t realised immediately that he had the only KO of the night but says he is just glad to have been able to execute his game plan and come away with the win.

Of the fight, he tells us he felt the fight went okay and what he aimed to do was experience the fight more, be there and not rush in but to try and show the difference between fighting and MMA.  He took his time, gauged his attacks and took the fight to his opponent.  Speaking about Dean Smith, Calvin says he definitely came to fight and he commends him on a good first performance and hopes he continues to train hard and fight.  He says that any opponent is worthy and it all comes down to the performance on the night.

So what we want to know is what it felt like to get that belt?  I wasn’t expecting Calvin to say that he totally forgot about the belt!  He was caught up in the winning moment and says when he saw it he was shocked!  He quotes Spiderman ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and goes on to say that everyone wants the belt which Calvin now has, so he feels training will be even worse than before!

Looking to the future, Calvin is planning on defending his title impressively and whilst on the WCMMA roster he plans to make any mistakes during this time as when he turns Pro he is looking to set the game on fire and not just blend in.  He doesn’t mind who he fights next and doesn’t have a hit list of people he wants to KO so we will watch this space and wait and see who is next!

I have heard other people comparing Calvin to the likes of Jonny Bones Jones and speaking to colleagues, I have to agree when they say that once Calvin turns pro, he will be hot property.  Despite my little misdemeanour, this is our second interview with Calvin so we hope he doesn’t forget us when he hits the big time!

Thanks to Calvin for his time and as is the norm, Calvin the new WCMMA Light Heavyweight Champ would like to thank the following people in his own words:

“I would like to thank my coach Eddie Kone again for his time and attention.  The whole Bloodline Fight Team as they put a lot of work into me.  I would love to thank my family and friends for supporting me and coming down and screaming go sexy at the Troxy.  But I need to say a very BIG thank you to my Mrs who basically has to take care of the house and raise the family on her own whenever I start camp, without her help I couldn’t even begin to train let alone fight for the light heavy weight belt.  And last but not least, BritFights for not ‘forgetting me’ – us, the little people’.

The next WCMMA is at The Troxy on Saturday October 27th 2012.


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