WCMMA 6 Review

Sat 8th September 2012 saw yet another hot night of action at London’s Troxy.  WCMMA arrived with a stacked card of 19 fights.  All Amateur fighters but in some cases, you would be hard pushed to realise this and I am sure a few of the fighters will be hitting the professional scene sooner rather than later.

Mr Entertainment Dave O’Donnell, CJ and Alex Reid were the trio of presenters with Grant Waterman once again delivering in his role as MC.  Jamaine Facey took time out from fighting to referee all 19 fights on the card and I have to say Mr Pain is definitely as entertaining and flexible as a referee as he is a fighter.
The Troxy was packed out and the crowd adorned with faces of the MMA World: Nick The HeadHunter Chapman, Andre McIntyre, Jake Brutal Bostwick and Jason Radcliffe to name a few.  All the aforementioned and plenty of others auditioned for the new reality show soon to hit the USA.

Warrior Island will see MMA stars battle it out on an Island for the chance to win $500,000.  The fighters auditioning were eager to tell us why they wanted to be a part of it and for some it was the money, the fame and the glory but for most it was just the chance to fight. So many of the guys live and breathe MMA and all they want to do is train and fight and of course, batter the life out of some Americans!  I can’t wait to hear who gets through.

Here are the results of the card:
Sam Courage 57kg (Ind Fighter) v Dinesh Deusali 56kg (Big Box) BW.  Courage wins by UD.
Aaron Myat 84kg (Ultimate MMA) v Chase Morton 82.4kg (Combat Company) MW.  Morton wins at 38s of R2 due to Ref Stoppage.
Nicholas Michalewicz 61kg (Bloodline) v Edwin Coox 66.3kg (Combat Company) LW UK1.  Michalewicz wins by UD.
Freddy Allen 68.3kg (Team Titan) v Billy Thompson 69.1kg (Lions Pride MMA) LW.  Thompson wins by UD.
Jack Costa 60.4kg (Ind Fighter) v Sam Walker 61.2kg (Lions Pride MMA) BW.  Walker wins at 36s of R2 by Guillotine Choke.
Joe Gilmartin 80.5kg (Guildford Academy of Martial Arts) v Nathan Jones 83.2kg (Combat Company) MW.  Jones wins by UD.
Oskar Fyzel 61.3kg (Ind Fighter) v Josh Lappin 61.5kg (Colloseum) BW.  Lappin wins at 34s of R2 by Guillotine Choke.
Silmak Aghili 82kg (Combat Company) v Charlie Brown 83kg (Team Gypsy) MW UK1.  Aghili wins by UD.
Noel Mahoney 76.2kg (Team Force) v Jake Racz 76.2kg (Combat Company) WW.  Racz wins by UD.
Barry Rand 84kg (Team Shed) v Earl Smith 82kg (Combat Company) MW.  Smith wins at 46s of R1 Ref stoppage due to GnP.
Harjeet Bhatti 82.5kg (Team Taurus) v Barry Ryan 83.4kg (Trojan MMA) MW.  Ryan wins by UD.
Roland Ogun 110kg (Ind Fighter) v Ian Andrews 106kg (Ind Fighter) HW UK1.  Ogun wins by UD.
TJ Simmons 60kg (Team Shed) v Pitbull 60.5kg (Ind Fighter) BW.  Simmons wins in R3 Tapout due to GnP.
Wayne Jordan 104kg (University Fighting Concepts) v Jamie Chang 115kg (Team Trojan) HW.  Chang wins at 65s of R2 due to Referee Stoppage.
Scott Moore 78kg v Lee Curtis 73kg (Children with Cancer UK) WW.  Moore wins by UD.
James Newman 69.3kg (Team Shed) v Manny Vilkas 69.6kg (Trojan MMA) LW.  Vilkas wins by UD.
Dean Smith 92.5kg v Calvin Petrie 92.5kg (Team Bloodline) LHW.  Petrie wins the Title at 74s of R1 by KO.
Eugene Foo 83.2kg (EKBJJ and Bloodline) v Michael Conrad (HOP) MW.  Conrad retains the Title by Majority Decision.

Looking back over my notes I have circled TJ Simmons as my Fighter of the Night and I stand by my decision but I have to say there were some awesome performances by many.  I want to give a special mention to Roland Ogun and Ian Andrews – to quote Grant Waterman, these guys were total warriors and Ogun’s kicks had me covering my eyes!

I also have to mention Chase Morton who has a swagger about him that oozes the entertainment value in the cage.  I am sure we will see him again and again.  As for Fight of the Night, again this was a hard decision but I think many will agree when I say Eugene Foo v Michael Conrad. These guys came for a war and provided entertainment from the start to finish.  It was definitely a hard one for the judges to call and could quite easily have been Foo with his hand raised.

Another thing I noticed was how the Gyms did very well overall.  Lions Pride MMA saw both their fighters win, Trojan MMA won all three and Combat Company got a clean sweep with five out of five wins.
Another night over leaving me buzzing with adrenaline and excitement as always.  Until UCMMA in October, watch this space as interviews are coming soon.


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