Jason ‘The Assassin’ Radcliffe

BritFights finally caught up with Jason Radcliffe who we have been after for a while.  He spent some time telling us more about him, his life, training and plans for the future.

Jason ‘The Assassin’ Radcliffe is 26, 6’1” and fights out of Bloodline Fight Team.  He fights at 84kg but walks around at 91kgs.  With a record of 4-1-0 The Assassin is, as his name suggests, shooting his opponents down.  We asked Jason how he originally got into MMA and he tells us that whilst he was in prison he was given a DVD of UFC to watch.  Frank Mir was fighting and Jason tells us it was the first time he had ever seen UFC and he was at the point where he needed to do something with his life.

He goes on to tell us that he came out of prison in 2009 with no skills at all but just three weeks later, he walked into EKBJJ owned by Eddie Kone.  Eddie allowed Jason to train for free and he tells us that the pro fighters who were already there helped him a lot.  Although Jason says he was kind of thrown into the deep end, it was all good for him and from that day on he knew he wanted to pursue a career in MMA and has been training every day since.

When it comes to who Jason respects as an MMA fighter he says that the Diaz brothers Nick and Nate are the ones.  He goes on to say that there is something about them that draws him to them and he likes their style and the way they finish fights.

All fighters put in the hours when it comes to training and I wanted to know what Jason puts in.  He trains 5-6 times a week and on some days twice or even three times a day.  He trains in all aspects of MMA and says the only difference leading up to a fight is his change in diet but he will still train 5-6 days a week twice a day!  Pre-fights superstitions are quite varied amongst fighters but Jason’s is quite tame compared to some.  Once he has weighed in, he likes to eat at the same place every time.  If it isn’t the same place then he always has the same food!

I asked Jason about his wins which have all come by punches/ground and pound.  I wanted to know if he considered himself more a striker than a ground man but all he tells me is that he considers himself a finisher.  With an impressive record of 4-1-0 Jason looks back to his second pro fight against Ben ‘The Situation’ Callum.  He tells me that going into that fight; both were on a 1-0-0 record.  Jason says he felt nervous and had cold feet before the fight as he didn’t feel he had prepared as well as he could have pre-fight.  He says it wasn’t Ben Callum that made him nervous but the whole feeling of being on UCMMA up on the big stage and feels he didn’t prepare his mind.  Jason lost the fight to Ben and says afterwards he felt like he had let himself down because it wasn’t him in the cage, at least not mentally.  He goes on to say he beat himself up mentally but three days later called the promoter and was put on the card for the next UCMMA eight weeks later.

Jason went on to win his next three fights in fast times so he obviously likes to get the job done but still puts on a show.  Jason says he plays fights by ear but as soon as he touches gloves he is looking for the finish.

As we said, Jason trains out of Bloodline Fight Team under Eddie Kone. Having been to Bloodline myself, I know they have a fantastic team and Jason agrees.  Of Eddie, he says he has a good knowledge of MMA and great credentials. Eddie is a BJJ Black Belt but his wealth of knowledge crosses over to other arts.  Jason goes on to say everyone works hard and there is a great vibe at Bloodline.

Jason was due to fight at UCMMA 27 but sadly, was injured.  He tells us he had injured his arm in training.  It took a while to heal but he is obviously back in the game as he has fought since and won the UK1 title.  Jason fought Earl Brown who is a seasoned MMA fighter.  He trained, as usual, in all areas but was mentally prepared for the fight and had dusted off all the cobwebs in preparation.  So who does Jason want to fight next in his division?  He says in his words ‘there is one person, he knows who he is and he’s trying to duck me’.  So watch this space to see what happens!

Jason is a full time athlete and does not have a ‘day job’ or any other hobbies.  He tells us that it is hard for his wife as she does a lot but ultimately his friends and family all support him.

To finish up, I wanted to know the advice Jason has for others wanting to train/fight and what his biggest learning curve in MMA has been.  He tells us that anyone wanting to train, fight or get in good shape should contact The Assassin!  And as for his biggest learning curve he says ‘keep your hands up’!!!!  Jason will regret saying that when I turn up next week with my hands up ready to roll!!!

Jason would like to thank the following people in his words:

“I would like to thank BritFights for taking the time to interview me, thanks to everyone following my journey, Bloodline Fight Team, Eddie Kone, UK Fight Wear, NRG Fuel. Mogul Fight Management, Funky Gums Mouth Guards and Impact LPA”.

BritFights would like to thank Jason for his time and Mogul Fight Management for allowing us the interview.  If you want to see Jason in action he is due to fight at UCMMA 30 against Mark Armstrong on October 6th at London’s The Troxy.



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