UCMMA 29 Review

It was a steaming hot night in London on Saturday August 18th 2012 and I don’t just mean the weather.  The Troxy temperature rivalled a tropical country and the place was heaving with fight fans.  Yes it was time for UCMMA 29.
With so many pull-outs on this card, we were left with five on the undercard and five on the main card but wow we had some good fights and ten was more than enough to get the crowd roaring – me included!
Starting out in MMA and reviewing events, it was easy inasmuch as I knew nobody so didn’t feel any emotion other than ‘wow what a great fight’ or ‘hmmmm, he could have done better’.  Nowadays, having got to know a few of the fighters by interviews or articles, it gets harder and harder to watch.
But watch is what I did and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the action at The Troxy.  It was lovely to catch up with Eddie Kone and meet Mrs Kone at last and to reprimand Jason Radcliffe; and fantastic to spend some time with Denniston Sutherland.  My first ever event at UCMMA, was spent sitting with Denniston and a year on, once again, I was lucky to have him right next to me.  It is quite amazing listening to a professional talk you through the fights as they happen as I am always looking to add to my knowledge.  And Denniston certainly has the experience and knowledge, even if he was sat in a jumper without a bead of sweat on his brow whereas the rest of us were fanning ourselves constantly.  Not so sure he is still Mad Max – more like Mr Cool!!
So the undercard kicked off and here are the results:
Ben McGonigle of Titan Forge making his debut v Ian Peters of Diesel Gym 1-3-0.  McGonigle wins in between Round 1 and 2 due to Doctor stoppage.
Sean Carter of BKK Fighters 2-0-0 v Dom Clark of Fight Science 5-5-0.  Dom had previously been unwell but chose to keep the fight on the card but went on to lose. Carter took the win by TKO at 2m 54 s of Round 1 and as usual had the crowd laughing at his antics!
Andy Cona of Addicted MMA 3-6-0 v Fadi Jamel of New Wave Academy 3-0-0.  Jamel added another win to his undefeated record winning by TKO at 2m 8s of Round one.
Paul Kingdon of Team Shed and Semtex Gym 1-4-0 v Nathan Greyson of Team Titan 2-3-0.  Greyson won at 2m 30s of Round 1 by TKO and I was once again impressed with the ability of this young man.  As I said once before, I’ll be keeping my eye on him.
Steve Brazier of House of Pain 0-0-2 v Jody Collins of Team Titan 5-0-0.  Collins won by Technical Submission at 1m3s of Round 1.  Another win for Team Titan.
It was time for a quick break and we certainly needed it.  How Bret Freeman wasn’t melting in his gold sparkly jacket, I don’t know but I’ll pay to find out his secret! He went on to introduce the Ultimate Ball which I just knew was going to be entertaining.
House of Pain took on Semtex Gym and Semtex smashed the ball and a fair few opponents!!!  With the likes of Jake Bostwick and his very own ‘Papa Smurf’ Terry Bostwick both built like tanks, it really was a battle ground.  The House of Pain guys were of slighter stature and I winced as the Semtex Team went in all guns blazing and spat the House of Pain guys out!!!  The final score 7-1 to Team Semtex and from the mouth of Jake Bostwick ‘this is harder than fighting’!
We were now on to the main card and I was as excited as everyone else.
Max Nunes of New Wave Academy 5-0-0 v Iain Martell 6-0-0.  Somebody’s 0 had to go tonight and there is nothing like that knowledge to get a crowd hyped up. Nunes was the victor by Triangle Choke at 46s of Round 2.
Tautvydas Lileikis 7-5-0 v Ben Callum of Keddles Gym 4-1-0.  Did someone press fast forward on this?  Lileikis didn’t stand a chance, Callum was at him from the first bell and took just 33 seconds to win by KO.
Jefferson George making his debut v Michael Venom Page also making his debut in this UK1 bout.  Entertainment by the shed load with flying kicks from George and moves aplenty from Page!  The fans were out in force for Page chanting MVP over and over again.  Page went on to win at 2m4s of Round 2 with a spectacular KO.
Spencer Hewitt of Terror Squad MMA 9-2-0 v Georgio Andrews of London Shootfighters 8-0-0.  After the banter at the press conference from both guys, I was looking forward to this one.  Both battled hard but it went the distance with Andrews winning by unanimous decision.
And so the main event of the evening finally arrived.  Nick Chapman of Fight Science 4-1-0 v Linton Vassell of Immortal MMA 9-3-0.  Vassell won at 55s of Round 2 by Rear Naked Choke.
Fighter of the Night:  Michael Venom Page – entertaining and outstanding.
Fight of the Night:  Sean Carter v Dom Clark – a test for both and they brought a battle.
So by all accounts an explosive night, full of passion.  Time to leave The Troxy behind once again with the thoughts of the winners and runners up running around in my head.  A great night despite the fact, no word of a lie, my shoes disintegrated!
Bring on the next one – I can’t wait!

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