Makunga Bunduku (Coolest Name in MMA)

UCMMA 28 hit The Troxy a few weeks ago with a card packed with seasoned and indeed new fighters. BritFights were very impressed with new fighter Makunga Bunduku and gave him Fight of the Night in his match against Steve May. As usual, when someone catches our eye, we want to find out more.  Makunga is 27, stands six foot tall and fights out of MMA Terror Squad which he says is the best team in Essex.

He first got into MMA through his friends Aaron Atkins and Steven Johnson. Both went to a BJJ lesson with Spencer Hewitt and when they spoke about it they described it as fantastic so Makunga went along to his first lesson over two years ago and has never looked back.

Asking Makunga who he respects as a fighter he tells us that he respects any man dumb enough to step in the cage because he knows what kind of preparation it takes, especially if you want to perform at your best. He goes on to say that he doesn’t have a specific person because everyone has their unique kind of fighting and there are just too many great fighters out there.

Training for Makunga varies depending on the person he is fighting but he studies everything separately at the MMA Terror Squad such as wrestling and BJJ.  Makunga doesn’t have any superstitions or rituals, he tells us he walks with God and God has protected him thus far so his faith in God is his only ritual on fight night.  Makunga won his debut pro fight against Steve May by Arm Triangle at 3m50s in Round 1. Of this fight, Makunga says he knew he could beat him and his team knew he could beat him. Spencer had told Makunga that May wanted to take him down so they did a lot of work on his take down defense.  Spencer also said that if he could stop him from taking him down and win the first two rounds that it would be hard for May to come out in the third. Makunga says getting the first win made him feel over the moon because MMA Terror Squad worked hard to prepare him and to get him to that point. Not everyone knows that MMA is a team sport, not an individual sport and Makunga says to Jez, Peter, Spencer and Ross (fat rat) and also all his sparring partners and the back staff of MMA Terror Squad that he would like to dedicate his first win and Fight of the Night and say thank you. AWOH!

Makunga has no one in particular that he wishes to fight next but is happy to leave it in the hands of Spencer and the Terror Squad and let them direct him to the right opponent. But he does say he won’t say no! We can already see that Makunga has a lot of respect for everyone at MMA Terror Squad and he tells us it is a like a family there. He goes on to say that he used to love to fight anyway but needed someone to sharpen the tools that he feels God gave him.  He met the Terror Squad and says he is just at the beginning of sharpening the tools.  He isn’t quite sharp enough but says give him another year or two and he will be as sharp as he can be.  Even when he isn’t fighting, Makunga loves to train and still manages five days a week for three hours a day. He says he is learning every day and loving every minute of it because every time he trains he is learning.

Makunga works outside of MMA and tells us that other than work and MMA his hobbies are his kids as they take up most of his time! Any parent can understand that!  His family and friends are proud of him and are pleased he is fighting professionally and quite rightly would rather he fight in the cage than on the street.  Makunga believes that the youngsters of today should take up MMA as it keeps them off the streets andgives them something constructive to do. From his own experience, he says the only time he ever used to get in trouble was when he had too much time on his hands.  Nowadays, once he has finished work, he goes home has some dinner and then is in the gym for three hours, so he can’t go out the night before and get drunk because most of the time he is in a lesson or sparring.

Makunga was pleased with his award from BritFights for ‘Fight of the Night’ and says he couldn’t believe it at first but wants to thank the team because that night there were two wins for MMA Terror Squad with Danny Lawson defeating Brendon Katz. Incidentally our second choice for Fight of the Night was the Lawson/Katz match so the Terror Squad boys certainly caught our eye that night.  All that is left for us to do, is thank Makunga for the interview and to say he is an extremely polite and humble man. We look forward to seeing and indeed hearing much more from him.  In the meantime, follow him on Twitter @makungaMMA.  He in turn would like to thank everyone at MMA Terror Squad and again says ‘we are the best team in Essex, if you don’t believe me, check out MMA Terror Squad AWOH’!!!

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We will be at MMA Terror Squad ourselves soon so look out for our review!


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