Nathan ‘The Surgeon’ Greyson

BritFights were at UCMMA 25 ‘The Beatdown’ and were very impressed by Nathan Greyson, then of Lions Pride MMA. We liked his heart and his skill and after seeing him in action again, decided we wanted to talk to this up and coming new fighter.

Nathan is 23 years old, 5’8″ and 61kg. With a semi-pro record of 5-0 anda pro record of 1-1 Nathan is certainly proving his abilities in the cage and tells us that he first got into MMA through a friend of his Kym Farid who used to fight on Cage Rage when Nathan started watching it and buying the DVD’s. He went to a session at Keddles Gym and his career started from there.

Nathan says he has a lot of respect for MMA fighters, and across the pond he picks Jose Aldo, Renan Barou and Cain Valesquez as his favourites. Back in the UK he tells us he is a fan of Ashleigh Grimshaw, Bola Omoyele and Jake Bostwick from Team Titan where Nathan now trains.

On fight night, Nathan has no superstitions or rituals that he adheres to, he tells us he simply prays to God for protectionand is of the mind-set that whatever happens in the fight happens.  A typical weekly training session for Nathan consists of him learning new techniques and drills and sparring and conditioning. When it comesto fight camp, he says that the routine gets stepped up and he starts training two to three times a day. He goes on to say that he likes to travel to various locations to ensure he gets the best training he can but at Titan he has the best sparring partners he can get in Brad Picket, Ashleigh Grimshaw, Jason Young, Chad, Bola Omoyele, Michael Pastou, Dean, Wendle Lewis and Jake Bostwick. Along with top coaches, Nathan feels he is in the right place to improve his game.

We wanted to know more about Nathan’s first pro fight and how it felt.  He was up against Steve Brazier of the House of Pain who at the time had a record of 1-0-0. Nathan went on to win after the referee stopped the fight due to cuts sustained by Brazier from Nathan’s knee! Of the win, Nathan says it was a good win as he kept his streak from semi-pro fights of finishing fights quickly by KO or TKO. Obviously, Nathan was pleased with the win but to win his pro debut on UCMMA was fantastic. He tells us he had trained really hard for the fight with the boys from Lions Pride MMA. Looking back at our review, we tipped Nathan as one to watch and we stand by what we said way back then.

Being young and new to the sport Nathan says he has a lot to learn and is quick to point out that he isn’t into calling anyone out. He is happy to fight whoever he is given and whoever the opponent, he will train hard to strive for the win. Back in his first ever fight, Nathan said he was really anxious and just wanted to win and he says nothing and no one could have stopped him that day. Going on to win the next four semi-pro bouts, we feel Nathan is proving he has the heart and determination to make it.

His next fight is at the CFC in Brentwood, Essex and Nathan says he was desperate to get a fight ASAP after his loss to Arnold Allen. He was back in the gym straight after the fight and said taking the first loss was very hard as he was, to that point, entirely unbeaten. Nathan says he went into the fight against Allen already thinking he had won and tells us he underestimated his opponent. The first round was going well for Nathan but he says in the second round he dropped his hands which caused him to lose but he feels he has learned a lot from the fight and says if he had won, he wouldn’t have learned anything. Being a strong believer that ‘everything happens for a reason’ Nathan says he has watched the fight back and can see where he went wrong and will be sure to never make the same mistake again. Nathan also says he is taking nothing away from Allen who is a great guy and a good fighter and he hopes that maybe in the future they can go at it again to give the fans another fight to remember.

We asked Nathan what he thinks of the newest game to hit MMA, Ultimate Ball. He says he thinks it looks cool and he has played it in the gym a few times with the guys from Lions Pride and found it fun but doesn’t ever see himself competing in it.

Nathan has now dedicated his life to MMA training and being a full time fighter with full time fighters at a full time gym. He is soon going to American Top Team with some of the Titan boys after he had a talk with the head coach Conan Silviera and he says he is really looking forward to it.  Nathan has goals and big aims and tells us he WILL achieve them!  And we do not doubt it for one second.

All Nathan’s friends and family are very supportive of him when it comes to fighting, they go to all his fights and he says he has a great circle.  They have no problem with him fighting as they see him doing something he enjoys and are proud that he is making a career for himself.

What advice does Nathan have for anyone looking to start a career in MMA?  He says he will give the same advice he was given and that is to be humble,listen to your coaches, learn the game and do not think you are better than you are. He also says you need to have respect or people won’t want to teach you and he tells us that he is always learning in this sport as it isn’t an easy sport and he wants us to understand that he is tested every day in the gym. He works hard as he doesn’t want to feel like he is slacking as when you start to slack that is the time you are close to quitting. Nathan has learned to get through any obstacles because he is a fighter and a champ and he is always reminded of this by Michael Pastou.

We have to say, BritFights have found Nathan an extremely pleasant young man who answered our questions with interesting content.  So we would like to thank him for his time, wish him luck down at Team Titan and all the best for his future career. We will be there watching his next fight at CFC and will let you know the outcome.

We would also like to thank Chris at Elite MMA for arranging the interview.  Nathan would like to thank the following people in his own words:

“I would like to thank all the boys down at Lions Pride MMA, coaches Julian from Red Dragons Muay Thai, Rahim Abdul the wrestling coach for helping me with my last fight. I would like to thank my sponsors for the last fight, Impact LPA, YC London, Vibrant Ink Tattoos and MMA Plus. Check them out! I would also like to thank everyone at Team Titan; Bola Omoyele, Ash Grimshaw, Mikey Pastou, Brad Pickett, Jason Young, Jody Collins, Chad Griffiths, Luke Newman, Sean Redgrave, Dean, Jake, coach Mikey Papas, coach Sonny and Chris from Elite MMA.  And everyone who is helping me to get ready for my next fight.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter @thesurgeon187 or on Facebook ‘Nathan the surgeon Greyson’”

Thanks to who have allowed us use of the fantastic photographs.  Please visit the website for more great shots or find them on Facebook:


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