Calvin ‘Jus Cage’ Petrie


Back at WCMMA 4 on Saturday May 5 2012 BritFights watched Calvin Petrie, 28 of Team Bloodline defeat Craig Champ by TKO in the very first round. We caught up with Calvin after his win to find out more about this up and coming new fighter. 

Calvin is a Dad of two, walks around at 95kg, and during the day he is an engineer for BT. With a semi-pro record of 2-0-0 his nickname is JUSCAGE which basically translates as ‘only the cage matters’. When training at the gym he gets a lot of names thrown at him such as, when he is cutting weight ‘jus-soup’ or when he injured his rib ‘jus-rib-cage.  We certainly get the idea and it sounds like a lot of fun at training! 

Calvin originally got into MMA to learn self-defence and had no intentions of competing in any competition. He started training in wing chun after being blown away by a DVD which was based on the life of Ip Man and after that trained hard for six months. After a while, Calvin tells us he felt it wasn’t for him as it was a close combat discipline and he felt he should be utilising his reach so he popped into Tao Sports in North London and asked if they knew of any MMA Gyms. He was given two numbers and without mentioning names, the first he called wanted to charge £50 for the first lesson just to evaluate the level Calvin was at. Calvin immediately called the next number and got through to Eddie Kone who invited him down to take part in his first lesson absolutely free. It was here that Calvin trained hard for three months and everything felt right, he tells us his confidence grew but his ego shrunk! 

He turned from student to fighter after watching Jason Radcliffe fight. It was then that herealised there was more to just training than sparring and cardio-circuits so set a date for ayears’ time to have his first fight. With regards to who Calvin respects as an MMA fighter, hesays he respects most because it takes a lot to train constantly and make daily sacrifices inorder to be at your peak. And of course getting in the cage in front of friends and family andfans earns Calvin’s respect. But when pushed Calvin tells us that he would probably chooseRoyce Gracie as he feels it was him that definitely changed the game and brought the technicalclass to the game with Jiu Jitsu whilst at the same time remaining very humble. 

Training for Calvin consists of a lot of moaning to his Mrs about how hard training is going to be but once he has had his moan, he trains around three times a week in MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Before his fights training is upped to nearly every day including weekends.    He arrives at the gym around 6pm Monday, gets warmed up and hits the pads with Eddie, doing between four and five rounds, working on new combinations and techniques. At 7pm it is time for no gi Jiu Jitsu and tailored escapes and submissions geared towards strengths.  On Tuesdays Calvin will start at 6am at Spartan Boxing Gym in Chingford with his coach DominicNegus which starts off with some cardio, sparring and pad work. All this is done before workand then it is back to Bloodline at 6pm for more pad work and game plans. Wednesday isfamily day for Calvin so he stays home and relaxes but Thursdays will see him repeat Tuesday’s routine and at 7pm he adds a heavy sparring session and drills home the game plan. Fridays is a 6pm start with more pads and then onto Jiu Jitsu. Weekends are mostly for cardio training and lots and lots of banter!  

So with all the regulatory training, does Calvin have any superstitions on fight night?  He tells us that he doesn’t as such but he does have a belief that because he trains so hard, and has to make sacrifices he refuses to lose. For him, not having his hand raised at the end of a fight is not an option.   

As we said we watched Calvin in his last fight and we wanted to know how he felt. He tells us, the win felt justified and he explains that this is due to him having a severely sprained ankle at the beginning of camp and he had to sit out of most exercises. But eventually his foot was recovered enough for him to participate and then two weeks before the fight he sprained hisintercostal rib muscle and had to sit out at home for a week and a half before returning to camp on the Monday before the fight. He had everyone telling him to pull out as he was injured but he would not and was of the mind-set that the fight must go ahead. Calvin tells us that tothen get in the cage and win in good fashion against a well-rounded opponent was the cherry on the top. 

So we will be seeing more of Calvin at WCMMA will we? Calvin says it is definite that he will be back at WCMMA 6. He will miss WCMMA 5 as he is still recovering but is quick to let us know that his Bloodline team mates Kieran ‘I like to dance the samba’ Moore and Tanat ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Tiraposin will be in action. Calvin tells us he isn’t in a hurry to turn pro at the moment as it seems to be for all the wrong reasons. He plans to be around for the long-haul so tells us there is no rush. 

Calvin has no one he particularly wants to fight in his division at the moment but he has his eye on a few for a later date. It’s all hush hush and my persuasive nature wasn’t getting me anywhere so we will all have to be patient and wait and see but for now Calvin just wants to fight decent opponents so he can progress as a fighter. 

Calvin first fought at WCMMA on March 3 2012 and he said he felt really cool going into hisfirst ever fight, as he knew he had trained really hard before. In the changing room he felt asthough he had to fight with aggression on the way to the cage as he was so pumped up withrage and found himself become stiff! He tells us he couldn’t feel his legs but after winning andgetting his hand raised he felt repaid in full with interest. 

I wondered what it is like training with the famous Eddie Kone and I get my turn to find out next week! But Calvin tells us that he was first impressed with Mr Kone because of how humble he was. Immediately after greeting Calvin, Eddie told him ‘man, there’s no egos here, just a team all learning together’. Calvin tells us he has a relationship with Eddie that could be compared to Jon Jones and Kru Phil Nurse. He tells us that Eddie helps him as an individual,not just in the gym but he also helps him in his personal life, making sure he is fit and well inall aspects of his life. He goes on to say that Eddie brings a sense of humour to the gym andthe team are constantly back and forth with digs at each other which strengthens the teamsbond and Eddie makes sure that the hard work is done well and understood. 

Calvin took part in the first ever Ultimate Ball and we were there to see it! Calvin says it washistory in the making and a bold move for everyone involved as they were all stepping intounchartered territory. But he feels it was well worth the risk, especially as this first UltimateBall was raising money for a member of Team Razor who had an accident on his motorbike.  Of the game, Calvin tells us it was fast and furious and everybody was tired within 10 seconds! Everyone on Bloodline was so busy trying to smash Team Razor that Calvin said they forgot toscore! Calvin thinks that Ultimate Ball definitely has a place within MMA but at the moment it is in the early stages and has a few kinks that need ironing out but says it is definitely on the right track. 

Other than working as an engineer full time and training the rest of the time, Calvin also plays international football for the team Montserrat. He says they don’t play too often but he is still a part of the team! Other than that he likes playing the X-Box and watching TV and points out he is definitely not a hell raiser! 

So how do Calvin’s friends and family feel about him fighting? Calvin tells us his Mrs was the first person he spoke to about fighting and actually taking a fight and she was not happy at all. She thought he was making a rash decision but eventually after the first fight she finally came round to the idea. There was also a lot of doubt as the perception of MMA is no rules fullcontact, no ref and weapons so Calvin was asked ‘why’ and ‘are you sure’ a lot! Calvin says hisMum made him laugh as she said to him ‘so this fight, there is no hitting to the face right?  And you wear body armour right?’!!! When Calvin told her the full details she grounded him! 

The advice that Calvin would like to give to anyone thinking of getting into MMA is to makesure you have a reason for doing it as it isn’t for the faint hearted and demands a lot of yourtime, patience, dedication and sacrifice. Calvin tells us that during an exercise at his first everclass Eugiene ‘I used to be a rapper’ Foo punched him straight in the face, he tells us if thereason wasn’t strong he would have left and not returned but he dug deep, left his ego at thedoor and ate it all up. He tells us his biggest learning curve would be his first fight where helearned a lot about what he is capable of and just how far he can push himself. 

Wow! Calvin has certainly made my job a lot easier with his full and interesting answers.  We hope you have enjoyed the read and we would like to thank Calvin for his time and leave him to thank the following people in his own words: 

“I’d like to thank my family for their constant support. Equally my bloodline family, always pushing me, never letting me coast. I definitely want to thank you for taking the time and interest in me its greatly appreciated and I hope we can do another one when I drop the pro bomb”. BritFights will be at Eddie Kone BJJ next week so look out for an article very soon, if of course I survive!


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