It’s Dom Clark

BritFights caught up with Dominic Clark after fantastic win against Pete Waterhouse at UCMMA27 to find out more about this new fighter. Dom is 29, 5’10″ and fights at Lightweight (70kg). He fights out of Nick Chapman’s Fight Science and Prizefighters.

He originally got into MMA whilst watching it on the television and seeing the legend Matt Hughes defeat Carlos Newton which he says was amazing. Dom says he has a lot of respect for Nick The Headhunter Chapman and tells us that Nick has done so much to promote MMA in the UK and also done a lot for Dom’s career.

Dom tells us that his first fight was on a few days’ notice against a very tough Thai boxer who he had to battle with at middleweight. Dom tells us that he lost but feels he would have taken the win if he had been in better condition but he gassed trying to apply a guillotine choke. Even though he lost, Dom says it gave him the thirst to fight again. But at UCMMA27 Dom won in spectacular fashion against Pete Waterhouse taking the win in just 22 seconds of Round 1 with a fantastic TKO. He tells us that the fight went to plan and the plan was to get in quickly and apply pressure. Dom tells us he got a little choked as he had always had the ambition to fight on UCMMA since he first attended a show there over four years ago.

Training for Dom is in array of different quarters over twelve weeks which includes strength, power, endurance and conditioning. Having worked with Nick for two years, Dom tells us that when it comes to training, he trains very hard and there is no messing about but when it comes to switching off there is a lot of banter and laughs. On fight night he says he is so focused that he has nothing else in his mind and does what he has to, to win. He says he wants to perform as his coaches and team expect him to. Of Nick, who manages Dom, he says he is not only his coach and manager but also a mentor and a friend.

Dom has a very supportive family when it comes to his fight career but only his wife has seen him fight so far. He is looking forward to having the rest of his family and friends watch him in battle but as he points out, it is hard to watch someone you care about stand in the line of fire.

Although Dom looks upon himself predominately as a professional fighter he also supplements this with personal training and working on the door. So what has been Dom’s biggest learning curve in the world of MMA? He tells me that you have to be ready or else you will not only get beaten but you may indeed end up hurt. He also advises that you need to have a supportive, trustworthy network of coaches.

Dom is not looking for anyone in particular to fight and will fight whoever his coaches and Dave O’Donnell agree on. He trusts his management to match him with the right opponents. And Dom is due to fight on UCMMA 29 on August 18th. At the moment he is waiting for a confirmed opponent but is looking forward to getting back in the cage and taking another win. 

It has been great talking to Dom and we would like to say thank you and Dom would like to thank the following people in his own words: 

Nick Chapman my coach, manager and friend for his continued faith and belief in my ability as a fighter and a person; my Coach Solomon who I am grateful to for his guidance and building of my skillset; my S & C coaches Kevin Stokes and Paul Dash for building the beast; my Elite Fight Science team mates Nig Whetear, Jay Dods, Rik Ellis, Lee Durrant, Vik Holto, Dodge and the lads; my performance consultant Gary Howell; my amazing and supportive wife who puts up with a hell of a lot; my previous coach Gregg Winters; my friends and my previous training partners Craig Russell, Tom Holborn, Fred Harrington Ben & Matt Harrison and my former coach Jimmy Johnstone; my sponsors Paul Semtex Daley/Ultimate Gladiators for their continued faith in me Chris at Ray Clark at Jenny Clark James Maycock at Cersec Ltd Johnny Donovan at and Gary Bond and Emma Smith at Coloseum Sports Ltd. Thanks to Chakir N Dahmani for use of the photo. Check out his website for more great shots at Check out for more information on UCMMA 29.


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