UCMMA 28 Review

UCMMA 28 and BANG!  What a night of fights including some great ground games and some brutal ground and pound.  Here are the results of all the fights on the card.


Salih Kulucan defeats Steve Brazier  Round 3 2m45s Rear Naked Choke

Patrick Jalloh defeats John Donoghue Unanimous Decision

Sean Carter defeats Ben Della Smith Unanimous Decision

Martin Sheridan defeats Dan Shortman Round 1 4m44s Rear Naked Choke

Makunga Bunduku Debut defeats Steve May Debut Round 1 3m50s Arm Triangle

Danny Lawson defeats Brendon Katz Majority Decision

Paul Taylor defeats Scott Saward R1 33s TKO

Jacek Kaminsky defeats Umer Kayani Round 1 4m18s TKO

Well what can we say about the undercard?  We were very impressed with Makunga Banduku v Steve May. Although it was over in Round 1, we enjoyed this fight along with Danny Lawson v Brendon Katz which went the full three rounds.

We had our money on Scott Saward but respect to Paul Taylor who ended the fight with a vicious ground and pound.  Just goes to show that you can never really tell in MMA.

Main Card

Luke Barnatt defeated Chris Harman R1 3m43s Rear Naked Choke

Tony Giles defeated Arunas Slicius R1 2m31s TKO

Galour Bofando defeated Wendle Lewis R1 4m44s KO

Ben Callum defeated Charlie Langdon R1 24s TKO

Cory Tait defeated Huseyin Garabet R2 3m6s Rear Naked Choke

Ashleigh Grimshaw defeated Dan Welsh R1 3m11s Rear Naked Choke

Jake Bostwick defeated Jamaine Facey R1 2m21s KO

What a main card we had with only one of the fights getting to round 2.  Submissions, KO’s and TKO’s galore!

Tony Giles came out in true celebratory fashion and didn’t disappoint the crowd with his assault on Slicius.  I don’t think anyone expected any less but respect to Slicius who lasted longer than we thought.

After pre fight ‘agg’ at the press conference, Luke Barnatt came out and finished Chris Harman with a rear naked choke adding to his undefeated record.

Ben Callum wasn’t hanging around and defeated Charlie Langdon in a super quick time of 24 seconds making his record 3-1-0.

Huseyin Garabet of Bandogs lost to Cory Tait but both fighters put on a show that had the Troxy screaming. As Huseyin said he lost to one of the best Bantamweights in the country.

Ashleigh Grimshaw didn’t disappoint with yet another win against Dan Welsh landing himself the title Featherweight Champion.

We were extremely impressed with Galour Bofando.  Lithe, quick, skilful, this guy had it all and defeated Wendle Lewis at 4m44s of Round 1.  The Troxy fans were on their feet at the end of this one as Bofando ended the fight with brutal hammer fists to the downed Lewis.  Respect to Lewis, a genuinely nice guy and until this fight an undefeated fighter.  But we know he will be back in the cage soon and putting his first loss behind him.

The eagerly awaited main event was between Jamaine The Pain Facey and Jake Brutal Bostwick.  Bostwick dropped to Welterweight taking on a huge weight cut and was looking focussed as he made his way to the cage.  There had been a lot of talk prior to the fight and I found it was almost a 50/50 on who people were backing/thought would win.  We respect both Bostwick and Facey but on the night Bostwick triumphed with a fantastic upper cut to a downed Facey, knocking him clean out.  We all felt and heard the connection.  And the crowd went crazy.  Mr Bostwick takes the Welterweight Title.  What is next for Bostwick?  We will be sure to catch up and have a chat with him soon to find out.

Another great night so all that is left to do is reveal our Fighter of the Night and Fight of the Night.

Fighter of the Night has to go to Galour Bofando. 

Fight of the Night was a close call between two fights.  We ended up deciding on Makunga Bunduku v Steve May.  A close second was Danny Lawson v Brendon Katz.

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