Ben Callum Interview

BritFights caught up with Ben Callum ahead of his UCMMA 28 fight on Saturday May 26th.  We wanted to find out more about Ben and how he is feeling about his fight this Saturday.

Ben is 26, stands 6ft 3” and fights out of Keddles Gym and Legacy BJJ.  His nickname is ‘The Situation’.  He originally got into MMA as he started boxing at the age of 10 in which he competed for many years but found he needed more of a challenge so joined Force MMA where he began to learn his trade through trainer Darren Jones.  It was here that he had many semi-pro fights at heavyweight and took the British title.

With regards to other MMA fighters, Ben tells us that he respects Jimi Manuwa and Tom Watson because they have come from the same gym as him.  Ben goes on to say that he has seen what they have achieved so it pushes him to follow in their footsteps.

Training for Ben involves him honing his striking skills at Keddles Gym and building his ground game at Urban Kings Gym with Jude Samual along with fellow top UK MMA fighters.  Ben also does a lot of strength and conditioning work with Andrew Marshal at the Mill Hill Fight Academy.  When it comes to fight camp the intensity of the training steps right up with more competitive rolling and sparring.  Ben’s conditioning is also set so that he peeks at the right time.

Of his fight against Charlie Langdon at UCMMA 28 Ben tells us he is feeling good.  He was set to fight Miguel Bernard so has been preparing for him but Ben tells us that Charlie Langdon is from the same camp as Miguel so he doesn’t think there will be too much of a change in styles.  But Ben doesn’t care either way as he says he is ready and that is all that matters.  He doesn’t have a game plan for Charlie as he doesn’t know too much about him but says one thing he does know is that he is superior in every aspect  of the game.

With regards to his fight against Luke Barnett going to decision in which Ben lost, he tells us that the fight was epic and he still hears people talking about the fight today.  He says he thought the decision was fair and learned more from that fight than he has in all his first round knockouts.  Ben tell us that going the distance was intense in the fight as it was non-stop and had everything but showed Ben that he can get through and still be strong enough to keep defending the choke even in the last ten seconds.

So how was the first fight for Ben?  He tells us that he is always relaxed because he has done the whole nerves thing.  Back when he was a kid and boxing he says he used to throw up before a fight but now-a-days he is smiling all the way to the cage because it is the one place that he can be himself.

Ben tells us that his friends and family worry about him fighting but at the same time, as with most families, they are very supportive.

So what advice does Ben have for other fighters just starting out?  He says that if you want to go for it, you have to give it your all and you can’t be half hearted in the sport.  But he adds, if you believe you will achieve and that hard work and dedication is what it takes.

It has been a pleasure talking to Ben and we would like to say thank you to him.  In his own words Ben would like to thank the following people:

‘Allan Keddle, Jude Samual, Saab Singh, Andrew Marshal, Dynamic Fight Wear, Dynamic Nutrition and Express Group plus all the guys that have trained with me and helped me prepare for this fight’.

Thank you to Charli of for use of the fab images.


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