There’s a Bandog in the House!


OOO OOO OOO there’s a Bandog in the house! We caught up with Huseyin Garabet prior to his fight at UCMMA on May 26th. How is he feeling about being matched against Cory Tait who is tipped to make the big time? Read on to find out his feelings about this and more about Huseyin. 

Huseyin is 23, 5ft7″ and a featherweight/bantamweight fighter, fighting out of Bandog’s MMA. He has a professional record of 2-4-0 but it looking to add another win in a few weeks’ time when UCMMA once again hits The Troxy. Huseyin originally got into MMA after watching UFC on television, he found he loved it as a sport and found the nearest gym and started training. As they say ‘the rest is history’. 

Huseyin respects all fighters as he feels MMA is really hard to do but his all-time favourite fighter is GSP. Of GSP, Huseyin says he is a well-rounded fighter in all areas and this is what allows him to dictate how the fight goes. Huseyin’s first ever fight was an inter-club fight and he says he was very excited to be fighting. Having sold a lot of tickets he had all the fans cheering him on and says hearing the cheers whilst he was fighting was a great feeling. Although he lost the fight he tells us that it spurred him to train harder and he couldn’t wait to get back in the cage as soon as possible. They say you learn more from a loss than a win and this must be true as Huseyin went on to win his next five fights! 

Huseyin started his professional career with two wins and then went on to lose his next four fights. I wondered what he felt was going wrong for him and if he has made any changes and learned anything. He tells us that in his first two fights, he had the instinct of a killer but with time he calmed down a lot and relaxed more in the cage. He feels this is where he went wrong and he is now going back to how he used to be but with a more polished and technical version of himself. With regards to his fight with Cory Tait, he says he is as ready as he could ever be for the fight and has wanted this match for a long time. Huseyin has respect for Cory calling him ‘one of the best fighters in the UK’ and he believes that everyone needs to test themselves which is exactly what he is doing in this fight. 

We are around three weeks out from fight night and Huseyin tells us that his training camp for this fight has been slightly different as he has had to change his diet and get his weight cut spot on so that it does not affect his performance on the night. Other than that, he says training is not all that different to the usual routine he follows but he has upped the intensity dramatically. Fighting out of Bandog’s we are sure no one lets him slack and Huseyin praises the guys at Bandog’s as they have been around for such a short time but become a huge name already. He is proud to call himself a Bandog. 

When fight night comes I wanted to know what superstitions or rituals Huseyin adheres to but he says other than always wearing his lucky boxers to weigh-ins he doesn’t have any others but likes to chill out until it is his turn in the cage. He says since he started wearing them, he has always made weight. 

Huseyin’s family and friends support him in everything he does including MMA but he is quick to tell us that his Dad has been at every fight he has had and he loves just how much his Dad supports him. Everyone who shows support for Huseyin all want the best for him and he says when he is happy, they are happy. 

During the day Huseyin works as a plumber and has a long day of 7.30am until 5pm. He grabs a small bite to eat and then heads straight off to the gym to train, not getting home until 10.30pm most nights. This is his schedule Monday to Friday but on the weekend he usually trains until 1pm but then takes time to chill out with his family and friends, walk his dog and go to Riley’s to play pool. And as seems to be a trend amongst half the world, let alone fighters, he also hits Nando’s with friends! I guess I need to try Nando’s eh? 

So what has been Huseyin’s biggest learning curve and is there any advice he can give to others? He tells us that he has realised that everyone loses in MMA and it is how you pick yourself back up that counts. He says you have to keep trying. To people just starting out, he says ‘make sure you have a good team behind you and a manager who actually looks out for you’. He tells us he has been very lucky because he has had both and although we leave the thank you’s to the end, he wants to say an extra massive thank you for this. 

I wondered if there was anyone Huseyin really wanted to be matched with and he says after his fight with Cory Tait, he would love to fight Alex Caceres (Bruce Leroy) from the UFC. The reason? Because it would be an awesome fight for the fans to see! 

We have really enjoyed talking with Huseyin and learning more about the young Bandog. It has been a pleasure and we would like, as always to say thank you. Huseyin would like to thank the following people in his own words: 

‘Everyone at Bandog’s MMA for supporting me and putting me through hell leading up to this fight. Also my sponsors 7th Day MMA, British Fighters, Funkygum Mouthguards Twenty First Century Tattoo Shop and my newest sponsor Multifitt Pipe Fitters who are also my employers. I would like to thank them for allowing me the time off before the fight to get ready; they are very supportive of me as a fighter and seeing me approve and of MMA in general’. 

I believe tickets are nearly gone for UCMMA on May 26th at The Troxy, if you want some and trust me you won’t want to miss this, then get in touch with Huseyin who you can follow on Twitter @turkish_snake or hit his website and of course also check out for ticket information. BritFights can’t wait and we will most definitely see you there! 

Thank you to Charli of for use of the images.


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