WCMMA 4 Review

Saturday May 5th and it was time for WCMMA at The Troxy. For those who don’t know it is pretty much the same as UCMMA but for amateur fighters or for those who just want to give it a go. I have been to one of these events before and really enjoyed it; I love the short, fast paced rounds of one minute 30 seconds. 

At my first event, I was impressed by Scott Saward who went on to make his professional debut at the last UCMMA. So I was interested to see what talent would be exhibited this time and indeed there were a few to watch for the future.

The Troxy was awash with all the usual faces such as Dave O’Donnell who put on his usual performance of hyping the crowd, Harry Shoebridge, CJ O’Donnell and Grant Waterman. Grant was in MC mode but also doubled up as referee for some of the fights. And Jamaine Facey downed his gloves and stepped in as referee for the evening.With nineteen fights on the card, we were in for a MMA overdose which was just what the doctor ordered. 

Here are the results:

Marcello Gentile (Team Jedi) v Ben Corcoran (Guns MMA) Bantamweight. Winner Corcoran R2 33s Guillotine Choke.

Dinesh Deusali (Beatbox) v Chris Butler (Independent Fighter) Bantamweight. Winner Deusali R1 48s Guillotine Choke.

Dan Pye (Team Jedi) v Mohammed Iasladj (Lions Pride) Featherweight. Winner Iasladj R1 1m3s Ref Stoppage.

Jason (Valhalla) v PK Zadeh (LSF) Lightweight. Winner by Unanimous Decision Zadeh.

Perry Jones (Team Jedi) v Freddy Allen (Independent Fighter) Lightweight. Winner Allen R2 1m 17s by Guillotine Choke.

Mark Keggy (Team Jedi) v Aaron Tongue (Titan Forge) Welterweight. Winner Tongue R1 43s Rear Naked Choke.

Sam Story (Independent Fighter) v Curtis Widmer (Lions Pride) Heavyweight. Winner Widmer R1 10s KO.

Mike Wells (Infinity MMA) v James Ray (Guns MMA) Welterweight. Winner Wells R1 1m18s Stoppage due to Ground & Pound.

Aaron McKearney (E6 Fighting Champions) v Michael Shipman (LSF) Light Heavyweight. Winner Shipman R1 37s Ref Stoppage.

Rustom Kokoyev (Diesel Gym) v Bernard Amofo (Lions Pride) Welterweight. Winner by Unanimous Decision Amofo.

Harry Potter (House of Pain) v Keiran Moore (Bloodline) Catchweight 73kg. Winner Moore R1 18s Guillotine Choke.

Craig Champ (Valhalla) v Calvin Petrie (Bloodline) Light Heavyweight. Winner Petrie R1 TKO.

Michael Wuycal (House of Pain) v Andy Jardine (Team Jardine) Heavyweight UK1. Winner by Unanimous Decision Jardine.

Jordan French (Lionspride) v Tanat Tiraposon (Bloodline). Lightweight. Winner by Unanimous Decision French.

Rocky Thomas (Rocky MMA) v Lee Durrant (Fight Science) 88kg Catchweight UK1. Winner by Unanious Decision Durrant.

Jason Hart (SWS) v Emrah Sonnez (LDG) Lightweight. Winner by Unanimous Decision Sonnez.

Matt Peters (Terror Squad) v Nathan Rose (Lionspride) Featherweight. Winner by Majority Decision and new WCMMA Featherweight Champion Nathan Rose.

Scott Neal (E6 Fighting Champions) v Ben Barlow (Diesel MMA) Heavyweight. Winner Barlow R1 1 m 17s Stoppage due to Ground & Pound.

Andy Geer (Semtex Gym) v Ian Freeman (Machine MMA) Heavyweight UK1. Winner by Unanimous Decision and new Heavyweight UK1 WCMMA Ian Freeman.

When watching the fights, if I am impressed by someone or something, I asterisk my notepad. Looking at my notes I have a few asterisks and therefore a few extra mentions.I was impressed with the ground game of PK Zadeh and think he could be one to watch. Perry Jones and Freddy Allen put on a great show as did Jason Hart and Emrah Sonnez. But my Fight of the Night goes to Michael Wuycal and Andy Jardine. And my Fighter of the Night has to go to Rocky Thomas who turned up at The Troxy on his own, with no corner and went the whole three rounds against a tough opponent Lee Durrant. He showed courage and impressed not only me but the whole of The Troxy. 

Another highlight of the night was watching Ultimate Ball which was between Team Gypsy led by Tony Giles and Team Wartime led by Mark Carling. Ultimate Ball is fast attracting audiences around the world on YouTube and with a mix of rugby, MMA and basketball; it is fast paced, brutal and at times comical. You put six guys in a cage and say ‘play’ and all hell breaks loose with slams, punches and kicks being traded, all the while trying to score a goal. It gets ‘messy’ and as Dave O’Donnell pointed out, in Tony Giles last fight he didn’t break a sweat let alone bleed but in the Ultimate Ball he was bleeding. But Tony was happy as Team Gypsy won the trophy by beating Team Wartime 7-2.

As is usual at WCMMA, there was a Ring Girl Competition and lots of lovely ladies graced the runway and cage, wiggling their bottoms and strutting their stuff. Being accompanied by three males, I had a tough job rolling all three tongues back into their mouths! We picked our winner but it seemed Tony Giles who picked the ultimate winner wasn’t on the same wavelength! But there were definitely some stunners and Dave O’Donnell was so impressed that he ended up signing up the final three for the next UCMMA. Let’s see what talent is on offer at the next WCMMA in June.

I had a fantastic evening and was pleased to be with my son Luke and his friend Brody as they witnessed their first live MMA event. They were both impressed with the fights and the whole set up of an MMA event and besides asking ‘when can we go again’ constantly on the way home, halfway through the evening, Luke said ‘Mum I think I want to make this my career’! 

Don’t forget UCMMA on Saturday May 26th where Jake Bostwick and Jamaine Facey are the main event. This is one not to miss, although I don’t think I want to watch as both are such fantastic fighters and lovely guys! If you want tickets, you best be quick in visiting

www.ucmma.tv as they are nearly gone!

Pictures of WCMMA4 will be posted on our Facebook Page.


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