Catch Up with Brett Cole

BirtFights like to keep in touch with people we have interviewed previously and this time we were lucky enough to catch up with Brett Cole.  Last time we spoke to Brett he was due to make his professional debut against Ricky Campbell for UCMMA in September 2011 but he had to pull out due to injury.  So we wondered what he has been up to since then, how the MMA career has been going and what the future holds.

We firstly wanted to establish how it felt for Brett to have to pull out of his debut pro fight and he tells us that the injury meant it couldn’t happen and at the time he was gutted as he had put so much time and effort into training and other people had invested a lot of time and he felt like he had let a lot of people down.  Looking back and with the belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’ Brett says he learned a lot more from the situation by pulling out than if he had fought.  Ricky won on the night against a new opponent and went on to fight Ben Smith and Brett says ‘well done’ but who knows if their paths may cross again!

I speak to Brett quite often and in one of our conversations he told me that he was now giving MMA his complete attention and committing himself 100% to training and fighting.  I was under the impression that Brett was already giving it is all but he tells me that he loves the sport so much and now sees it is a way of life that requires nothing less than 100%.  He believes in himself totally, loves to fight and with a record of 4-1-0 the hard work is paying off.

The last time we spoke Brett didn’t have a nickname for himself which is the norm for most MMA fighters.  So we wondered if anything had changed since then.  Brett laughs and tells us that his trainer at the time Ben always called him ‘Lil Beast’ so that is the name that has now stuck but as Brett points out, he isn’t exactly little! But he is keeping this name and with it the memories of Ben who was sadly murdered as the result of a violent assault.  Brett tells me that losing Ben who was not just his trainer but also his mentor and friend totally took the wind out of him.  He tells us that Ben was a top guy and like a brother to him.  Sadly Brett lost his own brother, Grant to cancer a few years ago and he felt like everything was once again being taken away from him leaving him drained.  But he says that MMA is his release as it helps him to channel his anger and aggression in a positive way.  He says between the sport and his son he felt he dealt with it and is ready to put in everything to achieve his goals.

As we said, we were due to be at Brett’s debut fight but things changed so it is down to Brett to convey how that first Pro fight felt and indeed went.  He tells us it was a huge buzz of energy and nerves which he still gets before a fight.  He won this fight against Troy Greens in the second round by Ground & Pound and was delighted to have his hand raised as the Victor in his first fight.

But what does it feel like to have a loss along with the wins?  Brett says the loss was a good fight and he couldn’t have done any more than he did.  He humbly says he lost to the better man on the day and feels that every loss is a lesson.  He goes on to say that he learned a lot more from the loss than he ever has from a win.  Talking of other fighters we finally got an answer about who Brett himself admires as an MMA fighter.  He tells us that his favourite is Fedor Emilianenko who he says he likes everything about, from his religion, his family attitude and how in his prime he was the ‘baddest’ man on the planet!

Brett is now fighting out of ARES MMA and says the guys are all close and a pretty good bunch which feels like a home from home.  He is looking onwards and upwards and likes the LHW division as he says it is where the heavy hitters are but they still have the speed and he is impressed with quite a few in the division right now.  So is there anyone he wants to face?  Brett tells us he wouldn’t ‘duck’ any of them if they were offered because he believes in himself and has a big heart which is something you cannot teach.  So watch this space because I myself have a few in mind I’d like Brett to face!  Brett next fights for Lockdown on April 22nd in Hertfordshire against Mark Percival who is of Team Force and undefeated with a record of 3-0-0.  Brett thinks the fight will be a good one and a proper tear up and is pleased as he is the main event of the evening!

We are pleased to have caught up with Brett and wish him luck in his next fight.  Brett would like to thank his Mum and Dad for supporting him in everything he does, his son who is his drive.  Ben and Grant who watch over him; his sponsors Miller Installations, his cousin and training partner Damo who is also his number one fan and who have been with him since the beginning.


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