Scott Saward

BritFights attended WCMMA back in November 2011 where we came across a fighter who impressed us. Not only did he step in with an hours’ notice but he went on to win the fight with a vicious ground and pound that saw the fight stopped by the referee at just 22 seconds of the first round. Ladies and Gents, we would like to introduce you to Scott Saward.

We caught up with Scott after UCMMA 27, when yet again he defeated his opponent Matthew Manners in a crazy time of 8 seconds of round one. We wanted to find out more about him and are happy that we have found him at the beginning of his career because this gentle giant is going to be around for a long time. At just 19, Scott is competing in the HW division and being triumphant in his debut, his record is 1-0-0. He is an independent fighter but does train at Gordon’s Gym in Plumstead, South East London with his coach Ian Andrews and training partners Steven Andrews and Shane Fuller. He tells us that he has trained with them since he was just six years old.

Scott tells us that he got into MMA having studied an amalgamation of different marital arts all of his life. He started off with karate and then made the move into other combat sports such as Sanshou, Boxing and Muay Thai before also finding a club with a wrestling base where he started to learn to grapple. Of this club, he says it was his first MMA club and he trained in a tiny hall in the back of a pub which he describes as a grass roots gym but says it was a great starting place and he holds fond memories that he will never forget.

Most MMA fighters have a favourite ‘colleague’ and Scott tells me, awaiting the stick he feels he will get, that Brock Lesnar is his all-time favourite. Although Brock has lost recently to Overeem and Velasquez, Scott feels that Brock accomplished so much in such a short time with little experience and that it was both amazing and inspiring. For those that don’t know, Brock entered the UFC with just one fight and basically no striking experience and then went on to win the most coveted MMA title in the world. Scott says the man is a monster and he trained like one to achieve his dreams. Other than Brock, Scott is a fan of Junior Dos Santos as he feels his hands are awesome and likes the fact that he seems a genuinely nice guy who represents the sport well both in and out of the Octagon.

Two weeks prior to WCMMA 2, Scott fought at amateur level for Adrenalin Fighting Championship and won that fight with an 8 second KO. He says he was feeling fit and ready when at WCMMA the opportunity arose to fight again. He had just watched two of his team mate’s fight and that inspired him to step up and take the fight to showcase his skills. And as we said, with a 22 second finish he certainly wowed The Troxy.

So how did Scott make the move from amateur to professional? A spot on UCMMA 27 opened up and he decided to take the leap as he felt mentally and physically ready and says it is now his time and he is going to prove it to the world. Scott tells us that his pro debut marked a milestone and starting block in his journey to reach the top and he is happy he has that first fight out of the way. He said he feels amazing and is excited and looking forward to future challenges. His plan is to flatten the next person they put in front of him and the next and the next and so on. His reason? He says all his opponents are trying to stop him achieving his dreams and he won’t allow them to succeed in doing so.

Scott doesn’t have any training camps or changes in his routine leading up to fight night; he trains all year round and feels as a fighter it is best to be ‘fighting’ fit at all times as you never know when the opportunity to fight may come about. And with his step up at WCMMA I think Scott proved that he is ready and raring to go anytime. Before a fight Scott doesn’t have any superstitions or rituals, he tells us he just likes going for a meal as a team, staying calm and together. He says as he is always training to be ready for war, when fight day comes along, he treats is as just another day at the office. I have heard a lot of fighters say that the training is the hard work and the fight itself is the fun part and it sounds as if Scott agrees.

At UCMMA we were stood right besides Scott’s family and friends so in all honesty I didn’t need to ask him what his support network was like. All of his supporters were in good voice (my ears are still ringing) and extremely loud and Scott says without the encouragement they give he wouldn’t be up there fulfilling his dreams. His Mum struggles sometimes as she doesn’t like the thought of him in such a violent situation but she still supports him 100% and Scott appreciates how hard it must be for her and can’t thank her enough. His friends worry about him too but he tells us they are always there for him and when he looks up after knocking someone out and sees all his friends and family screaming and cheering, he says it is the best feeling in the world and words cannot truly describe it.

I wondered if Scott worked or had any other hobbies but his life is completely full with MMA. At the moment he works at Gordon’s gym and says it is the perfect job for him as he can spend hours in the gym training for his fights and make a living at the same time. He doesn’t get a lot of spare time as under his own admission he is an MMA addict and loves training, fighting and watching it and this includes the small regional shows up to the huge UFC events. Being early on in his career, I asked Scott any advice he can offer to others and he says the best advice is a saying he saw once which read ‘kill yourself in training, so you don’t die fighting’. He says this is his outlook on MMA and feels if you put everything into your training then you will always be 100% ready for a fight.

So what is next for Scott and is there anyone he really wants to face in the cage? Right now Scott says he is happy fighting anyone they put in front of him and doesn’t have his sights set on anyone in particular. Well we at BritFights think we will be seeing a lot more of Scott Saward in the future and will be following his career. We have seen the Amateur fight, seen the Pro Debut and are looking forward to watching him go all the way.

For now we would like to thank Scott for his time and Charli of for use of the photo and Scott would like to thank the following people in his own words:

“I want to thank everyone who helped me with my training and fight preparation. My brothers, Steven Andrews and Shane Fuller, Tony Wells and Neil Grove. I also want to thank all of my friends and family for being there always and supporting me through everything. I love you all! Massive thanks to everyone from my first MMA club T&M MMA for getting me started in this great sport. But most importantly, I have to thank Ian Andrews. Without his help and coaching I would not be half the fighter or the person who I am today”.


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