UCMMA 27 Review

Firstly, I have been out of the MMA world just recently due to my personal life being very selfish and causing me to miss out!  But last night I was back and raring to go at UCMMA 27.  And boy what a show to welcome me back into the world I have come to love with a passion.

Secondly, apologies for my tweeting at the show, I started off managing to tweet, write and watch but it all got a bit crazy and although I am a woman and able to multi task, I didn’t want to miss the action.  I’ll try harder next time to complete the night!

Anyway, onto the results of the show:


Mark Armstrong v Kester

Winner:  Armstrong

Round:  2

Time:  2 m 12 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Dom Clark v Peter Waterhouse

Winner:  Clark

Round:  1

Time:  22 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Esi Moradi v Kes Kpokpogri

Winner:  Moradi

Round:  1

Time:  2 m 15 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Tommy King v Jimmy Millar (UK1)

Winner:  King

Round:  1

Time:  2 m 26 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Scott Saward v Matthew Manners

Winner:  Saward

Round:  1

Time:  8 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Tolly Plested v Sam Boo

Winner:  Plested

Round:  1

Time:  3 m 34 s

Won by:  Sub (Rear Naked Choke)


Paul Taylor v Marian Rusu

Winner:  Taylor

Round:  1

Time:  3 m 6 s

Won by:  TKO (Injury)


Max Nunes v Shane Fourie

Winner:  Nunes

Round:  1

Time:  2 m 45 s

Won by:  Sub (Strikes)


Amil Smith v Andy COna

Winner:  Smith

Round:  1

Time:  1 m 10 s

Won by:  Sub (Rear Naked Choke)


Tony Giles v Peter Nemeth (UK1)

Winner:  Giles

Round:  1

Time:  28 s

Won by:  TKO


Arnold Allen v Nathan Greyson

Winner: Allen

Round:  2

Time:   40 s

Won by:  KO (Punch)


Luke Newman v Lee Caers

Winner:  Newman

Round:  1

Time:  2 m 43 s

Won by:  Sub (Rear Naked Choke)


Michael Page v Miguel Bernad

Winner:  Page

Round:  1

Time:  1 m 43 s

Won by:  Sub (Arm Bar)


Bola Omoyele v Warren Kee

Winner:  Omoyele

Round:  1

Time:  1 m 38 s

Won by:  TKO (Strikes)


Louis King v AJ Woodhall

Winner:  King

Round:  1

Time:  6 s

Won by:  KO (Punch)


Neil Bittong v Ben Smith

Winner:  Bittong

Round:  2

Time:  4 m 31 s

Won by:  Sub (Rear Naked Choke)

As you can see it was an explosive night with only three of the sixteen fights going into the second round and none going to the third.  BritFights were impressed by a lot of the fighters but without a doubt our Fight of the Night has to go to Arnold Allen and Nathan Greyson.  Having seen Greyson fight before and being impressed with his style and hearing so many things about Allen, I knew this was going to be a good one between two young fighters.  They both came to fight and in the first round it could have gone either way but Allen came out in the second and ‘boom’ took the win just 40 seconds in.  BritFights are convinced that Allen is going to go a long way in the future so watch this space.

It was harder to pick Fighter of the Night as I had a few in mind and everyone came to fight.  You have to look at the guys such as Scott Saward, Tommy King and Tony Giles because the power they possess is awesome and Amil Smith and Luke Newman for their terrific ground game but in the end I narrowed it down to Louis King and Arnold Allen.  Louis because he never fails to amaze me at just how quick he gets the job done and his striking power is out of this world.  But I went with Arnold Allen this time because on his debut he came out fighting and displayed excellent all round skills that impressed the whole of the Troxy.

BritFights managed to speak to a few of the fighters from the night and are looking forward to bringing you interviews in the near future so watch this space and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @britfights and ‘like’ our facebook page and join our facebook group.  Some photos of UCMMA 27 will be posted on our Facebook page.

We certainly enjoyed UCMMA 27 and will not be missing UCMMA 28 in May.  For more information of the fight card and tickets please go tohttp://www.ucmma.tv


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