WCMMA or White Collar Mixed Martial Arts for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is everything that you would expect of MMA with only minor differences.  Dave O’Donnell hosted his second WCMMA on Saturday 12th November and BritFights were there to cover, what turned out to be a fantastic evening of fights.  And of course we were also watching the Cage Girl Competition entrants after our article last week on the girls. 

The venue was the wonderful Troxy in London and when we arrived it was evident that there had been no scrimping on anything.  It was just like attending a UCMMA event with the usual gang all ready and waiting to go.  Grant Waterman was your MC for the evening and I have to say he did a fantastic job.  Usually a referee, Grant has a leg injury so he was on the microphone instead, even singing a few lines of a song – watch out X Factor.  Dave O’Donnell and CJ were presenting for Wartime TV and Danielle Curzon and Andy Sledge were the referees for the evening. 

With White Collar, the only difference between it and UCMMA is that all the fighters are everyday people like you and I, who may well train in a discipline but who aren’t professional fighters.  They all fancied a go in the cage and I was looking forward to seeing the guys give it their all.  In professional MMA the fights are three five minute rounds but for the fighters at WCMMA the rounds are 90 seconds and that literally is the only difference. 

Before the action began, I managed to catch up with a few of the cage girls.  All of them seemed nervous but excited at the same time and there was definitely a girl for everyone, with a range of different shapes, sizes, heights, colourings etc.  I watched as the girls were told what was expected of them from how to walk to how to stand in the cage. It seems a simple enough job but in all honesty, there is so much more to being a cage girl than just looking gorgeous.  The girls need to walk in the correct way and remember to smile and they also need to ooze confidence and feminine sexiness.  They also need to be able to dance and wiggle and know how to stand to ensure they aren’t looking like a sack of potatoes!  Another major factor is ensuring they can walk at the same speed when holding the round number signs in between rounds.  These girls were amateur but watching them, they seemed to be enjoying their moment in the limelight and eagerly taking the advice on board. 

I wandered around and chatted to Nick ‘HeadHunter’ Chapman and Jamaine ‘The Pain’ Facey who both had amateur fighters entering the cage that night. These young fighters are lucky to be mentored by some of the best UK fighters. The fights started at 6.30pm and we watched them all.

To follow are the results. 

Andrew Mills (Independent Fighter) v Bernie Doran (Bandogs MMA).  Bernie wins at 54 seconds of the 1st round due to TKO (Strikes) 

Jake Antony (House of Pain) v Robert Scott (Diesel Gym).  Robert wins at 1 minute 29 seconds of round 1 due to a TKO (Ground & Pound) 

Emrah Sonnez (LDG) v Mike Hodgkinson (Immortal MMA).  Emrah wins at 1 minute 8 seconds of round 2 by TKO (Strikes) 

Wayne Harry (Fight Science) v Steve Andrews (Independent Fighter).  Wayne wins at 58 seconds of round 1 by TKO (Ground & Pound). And a very excited Nick Chapman enters the cage to congratulate his young fighter. 

With the first few fights over it was time for Jamaine Facey to pick off three of the cage girls! He didn’t take too long and soon three unhappy girls were sent packing.  It seems Jamaine is a fan of curves so there is hope for me yet! On with the fights. 

Shane Connolly (Bandogs MMA) v Shane Fuller (Independent Fighter).  Shane Fuller wins with the fight being called off between rounds as Shane Connolly was unable to fight on. 

Rentsendorj Ganbat (LDG) v Jason Grunland (Valahar MMA).  This fight sticks out in my mind and Ganbat impressed me with his take downs.  He was relentless in his attack and went on to win by unanimous decision.  I think Ganbat could be one to watch out for and I have to give him Fighter of the Night. 

Mickey Millar (House of Pain) v Paul Jay (Independent Fighter).  Mickey stood in at the last minute when Paul’s original opponent pulled out.  Mickey went on to win at 1 minute 15 seconds of round 2 by TKO (Ground & Pound). 

TJ Simmons (Bandogs MMA) v Toby Priestly (Razor MMA).  This one went the distance with Toby winning by unanimous decision. 

With another lot of great fights over it was time for the ring girls to once again be picked off.  This time it was down to Mark ‘Wartime’ Carling to choose one to go and Nick ‘HeadHunter’ Chapman to choose two to leave.  This left us with four who were in the final.  But for now it was back to the fights. 

Ben Dishman (House of Pain) v Lee Williams (Razor MMA).  Lee won this fight at 1 minute 4 seconds of the second round by TKO due to Ground and Pound. 

Jack Collins (Independent Fighter) v Tung ‘Tiger’ Bui (Diesel Gym).  Tung took the win after another ground and pound meant the referee had to stop the fight at 1 minute 23 seconds of the first round giving Tung a TKO win. 

Andy Norman (Urban Kings) v Ben McGonigal (Medway MMA).  Ben took the win at 1 minute 10 seconds of round 2 when the fight was called off due to ground and pound (TKO). 

Jack Savage (Gordons Gym) v Charlie Bullion (Razor MMA).  Charlie won the fight by unanimous decision after taking it the full three rounds. 

So we were now back with the final four girls.  And with a regular from the audience picking off two with apparent ease the final two girls strutted their stuff, wiggled their butts and showed us what they had!  The winner was finally chosen and it was Sadi Mensah who took the glory and will be a Ring Girl at the next UCMMA on December 3rd.  Well done to everyone but especially to Sadi who was over the moon to be the ultimate winner. 

The last four fights of the night were due so we settled back down to enjoy them. Lee Heffron (Bandogs MMA) v Ben Barlow (Independent Fighter).  Ben won this heavyweight bout at just 11 seconds of the first round after a ground and pound saw the referee stoppage (TKO). 

Sean Kane (Bandogs MMA) v Peter Craete (Independent Fighter).  Peter took the win at 1 minute 24 seconds of the first round, once again due to ground and pound referee stoppage (TKO). 

The penultimate fight of the night was between Federico Ciampi (Independent Fighter) and Scott Saward (Nemesis MMA). Scott stood in for this fight with about an hour’s notice.  Federico’s opponent hadn’t turned up and he challenged the crowd.  Scott stepped up and went on to win the fight with a ground and pound that saw the referee stop the fight at 22 seconds of the first round (TKO). 

We were now onto the main event of the evening and the crowd were going absolutely crazy for this one.  Josh Holms (House of Pain) v John Rees (UK Warriors Gym).  This was a UK1 Bout for the WCMMA Welterweight Title.  The Troxy crowd who were already animated were on their feet.  Round 1 saw Josh definitely win on points but round 2 saw John come out and KO Josh at 33 seconds. I was the closest to the cage I have ever been and I saw Josh go down hard and he was out cold! The place erupted and we had a new title holder in John Rees. 

I have to give this one Fight of the Night as it was just utterly entertaining and the KO had the WOW factor!

So the night of girls and fighting came to a close.  Reflecting on the evening, I have to say I really enjoyed the White Collar fights. I wasn’t sure how I would feel, especially with the shorter rounds but I actually found I enjoyed the short, sharp rounds and can definitely say there were no losers on Saturday. Everyone gave it their all and although they may not be professional fighters, I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of some in the future.  The whole evening was as good as the UCMMA events with the same set up, therefore giving the normal every day guys the chance to really feel what it is like entering the cage as a fighter.  It is definitely another event BritFights can’t wait to cover in the future. 

WCMMA returns to the Troxy in March next year so be sure to visit http://www.cagerageuk.com for more information. 

But in the meantime don’t miss out on the next UCMMA event on December 3rd which is going to be an explosive night of fights.


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