Hello to Jack Magee

Jack Magee is a Mixed Martial Artist with a record of 6-4-0.  He trains out of Mad Hatters Fight School.  At 26 and fighting at 70kg, he has already achieved a Brown Belt in BJJ under Gordo Jiu Jitsu and tells me he lives in Dynamix Training Centre.  Jack originally got into fighting having grown up with two brothers who he was wrestling and boxing with every day.  He says if he wasn’t fighting with them, they were fighting other people for fighting with them!  It is a case of never being far from fighting so he took it to the next level and has been a professional fighter for ten years.  He tells me he hasn’t fought as much as others have but has always been involved in the sport. 

Dennis Asche is an American who moved to Brazil to dedicate his life to the art of fighting and it is him who Jack respects as a fighter and also as the man who got him into fighting in the first place.  Dennis now owns and runs Connection Rio in Brazil which is a house where people can live and train full time.  As a current fighter, Jack respects Nick Diaz and also Donald Cerrone as he feels both are in it for their love of training and fighting and not just for the hype. 

Of his first fight, Jack tells me it was his scariest fight and he was very nervous.  It was against a Brown Belt fighter from Brazil and as Jack always watched and respected the fighters from Brazil it was a little daunting fighting someone such as that on his first fight.  He said he overcame the barrier but sadly went on to lose the fight in the second round but this only made him hungrier to get back to training and onto the next fight.  So does Jack still get nervous nowadays?  He tells me he does get nervous and feels the nerves help him to prepare.  Yet he loves the feeling the nerves bring and says he actually lives for that feeling. 

Jack was due to fight David Round for the Shock n Awe Lightweight title in November but this has been put back to March 2012.  Of David, Jack says he is a tough guy but he talks a little too much and hopes he is able to back it up in the cage.  He goes on to say David has a silly haircut but a hard kick but also says that if he was as good a fighter as he says, there is no way his hairdresser would ever been allowed to cut his hair like that!  So as it stands now Jack would enter on a win and David on a 2 win streak.  This could change in between now and March but Jack says all his opponents are high level competitors with lots of wins under their belts.  Jack doesn’t want to fight ‘bums’ and respects the opponents he has fought including David.  David has won most of his fights by KO/TKO and Jack by Submission so I wondered if that means Jack spends more time concentrating on his stand up.  He tells me that he does work hard on that side but has won most of his Thai Boxing fights by KO and has never been knocked out but David has been subbed so as Jack says, we will all just have to wait until March to see what happens. Jack spends a lot of time training, including hard sparring, long gym sessions and as the fight gets closer the gym sessions get shorter until a week out he spends time chilling, still on the same diet but doing lots of running. 

Jack is one of the few fighters that actually has a ritual before he fights.  He says he always spends time in a church or just some special time with God before he fights.  He feels God is always beside him and he is forever grateful for the support he has been given and the way his life has been changed since he found God.  As well as the support of God, Jack’s family love what he does and are very proud of him, he says he has the most supportive family out of anyone he knows.  His friends love to watch him fight and he also has a Facebook page called ‘Romney Marsh Banter’.  All the guys on there are supporters and Jack tells me about 80 people watch him fight each and every time. 

Jack is one of the few fighters; I have interviewed who says that those who think MMA is a dangerous sport are correct.  He explains, it is brutal, it is hard and it is a horrible way to make a living but also says it will change your life and give you something worth living for.  He says we are animals and hunting is in our blood and thinks many men nowadays are becoming weak and poor in their minds.  He goes on to say that they are always chasing the buck and they lose what it really means to live.  Jack however feels MMA gives him all he needs. 

Dedicated to fighting full time, Jack does not have a ‘day job’ but does teach and train.  He absolutely lives the dream and says to him there is nothing else he would rather be doing, even so far as to say he would rather be homeless and eat dog food than do anything else.  At one point, Jack was homeless just so he could train at the ZT Fight School until Sol Gilbert hooked him up with a place at John Hathaway’s house.  Jack lived with John for a few years and says they formed a good friendship.  Having been around the MMA game for so many years I wonder what Jack has learned and any advice he can give.  He said he used to hate fighters that picked their fights and kissed the appropriate butts to get better fights and says he used to fight anyone, anywhere for any price but has realised that doesn’t pay the bills or get you a good record.  He says you have to be brave but not reckless in this world.   He would like to say to others that being in the sport for the fame and money is not the way forward and goes on to say if you want the fame and fortune, learn to sing and go on the X Factor because this sport will expose the weak.  You need to do the sport for the love and be careful not to get exposed by greedy promoters. 

Not many people are as frank as Jack has been and I would like to thank him for his honesty and full, interesting answers.  In turn Jack would like to thank the following people:  All his family, friends and fans, all his opponents both in the past and in the future.  He would like to say thank you to God, although he is not always doing things the way he is expected to.  He wants to thanks his sponsors Dynamix Nutrition (www.dynamixnutrition.com) as these guys, he feels have turned him into a wrecking machine and have made weight cuts easier.  Plus he now has abs!  He would also like to thank Gordo Jiu Jitsu as they took him in and treated him as family in Brazil.  Also thanks go to Connection Rio and Dennis Asche for the support and for being like brothers.  And finally thanks to his friends at A-star cleaning and all his team at Mad Hatters Fight School. 

For more information on the next Shock n Awe go to http://www.shocknawe.co.uk


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