UCMMA 24 exploded into The Troxy in a whirl of excitement and anticipation. The whole world had been talking about the main event of the evening between Nick ‘HeadHunter’ Chapman and Jimi ‘The Poster Boy’ Manuwa. As usual the evening was absolutely brilliant, with a production that can only be described as smooth and flawless. Dave O’Donnell, Jason Barrett and CJ were buzzing even more than usual and the presenting had an already excited crowd, fidgeting in delight at the card ahead. Bret Freeman didn’t disappoint, with yet another dazzling suit. Bright red jacket and tie, with of course, the trademark sparkles. And with his familiar voice introducing the fighters, The Troxy was ready for what turned out to be a great night, packed full of class fighters who really gave the crowd a night to remember. 

The first fight of the night was between Peter Waterhouse (2-4-0) and Eddie Kone (1-0-0) and this one did not last long with Kone taking his second win due to a Triangle Choke at 1 minute 57 seconds of the very first round. 

The second bout between Stephen Stanley (2-0-0) and Huseyin Garabet (2-2-0) saw Stanley add to his undefeated record.  This went to 1 minute 1 second of the third round where Garabet was forced to tapout due to an Arm Bar. 

Grant Murray (0-1-0) was looking for his first win against Max Nunes who was making his professional debut.  But it was Nunes who was delighted to take the win at 2 minutes 12 seconds of the very first round, putting Murray to sleep with a Rear Naked Choke. 

Jody Cottham (2-10-0) faced Amil Smith (0-1-0) in this explosive, exciting fight.  Smith dominated the fight with excellent punches, kicks and knees and also impressive defending against Cottham’s submission attempts but it has to be noted that Cottham’s takedowns were spot on. After the full three rounds it went to the judge’s decision seeing Amil Smith win by Unanimous Decision. Amil Smith certainly impressed BritFights with his strength, determination and technique and this is one fighter you will be seeing a lot more of in the future. 

Ben Callum (1-0-0) took on Jason Radcliffe (1-0-0) in this whirlwind of a fight.  Callum landed a shot that saw Radcliffe hit the canvas and after a few more shots the referee calls a stop to the fight at 56 seconds of the very first round, declaring the winner Ben Callum. 

Dan Shortman (1-3-0) against Mark Carling (0-2-0) in this next fight.  Mr Wartime himself was looking for his first win but the fight was stopped by referee Danielle Curzon at 2 minutes 3 seconds of round one seeing Carling disqualified for illegal kicks.  Dan Shortman won and takes his record to 2-3-0. 

Shane Fourie (2-0-0) versus Rafik Benziada (2-2-0) in the seventh fight of the night. We were treated to an explosive first round which saw both men go at it, landing hard shots. The round ended and between rounds the fight was called off due to the facial damage Benziada had sustained in the round declaring the winner Shane Fourie, another fighter to add to his undefeated record. 

With the undercard over it was time to take a moment to sit back and relax, the action had been fast and furious with hardly a moment to blink during the fights.  The main event was getting nearer and nearer and The Troxy was filling up fast.  So after a breather it was onto the main card of the night with the first of six. 

Andy Cona (2-1-0) took on Luke Newman (3-0-0) and both came out fast and ready exchanging blows. It was Newman who took the fight down and mounted Cona landing some ground and pound that saw Cona rolling in defence giving Newman the chance to take his back and end the fight with a rear naked choke at 1 minute 17 seconds of the very first round. 

Tom Maguire (10-4-0) boasting a fantastic record took on Joe Holder (3-4-0) in this eagerly anticipated fight. With great grappling skills Maguire was able to keep on Holder once on the floor and ended the first round in control of the fight.  Round 2 once again saw Maguire take down Holder and end up in his half guard.  He was in control of the fight and saw an opportunity to pull off a Kimura at 3 minutes 6 seconds of Round 2.  An impressive win for Maguire who now has a record of 11-4-0. 

Lee Doski (15-15-0) takes on Bola Omoyele (4-1-0) in a fight that barely gets off the ground.  Doski goes for the takedown but Omoyele defends well and they end up on the fence.  Omoyele lands a hard knee to Doski’s head and with two follow up shots with Doski on the ground, the fight is stopped at 42 seconds of the first round.  Omoyele notches up another win. 

Dominic Plumb (4-2-0) versus Michael Pastou (8-2-0) in a fight that goes the distance. This fight sees great takedowns and submission attempts by Pastou that Plumb is able to defend and Pastou’s ground and pound is vicious.  Plumb gives it his all in the final round but it is Pastou who is declared the winner by unanimous decision. 

The penultimate fight of the night is between crowd favourite Tomasz Czerwinski (2-3-0) and Ian Hawkins (2-4-0).  Both came out with the aggression expected of the big guys but it was Czerwinski who landed hard and heavy blows that Hawkins was unable to defend seeing the fight stopped by the referee at 1 minute 25 seconds of round 1. Czerwinski was delighted with his win and takes his record to 3-3-0. 

And so the main event of the evening arrives. The Troxy crowd are literally on their feet for this one.  The HeadHunter army are in good voice and as Nick Chapman (4-0-0) enters the cage, he is cheered ferociously by seemingly most of the venue.  Jimi ‘The Poster Boy’ Manuwa (9-0-0) also has a lot of support and The Troxy is going crazy. This is what everyone has been waiting for and the time has arrived. Mr Hollywood, Bret Freeman hypes up the crowd even more with his fantastic introductions and then it is time to see the HeadHunter and the Poster Boy in action.  The round starts with Manuwa landing the jab and Chapman goes straight in for the takedown attempt which sees Manuwa against the cage.  Manuwa defends well as Chapman fights hard for the takedown. And then Manuwa starts using his knees landing body shots and face shots. Chapman must have eaten about six head shots and ended up bleeding from a cut to the face which meant the referee Grant Waterman had no choice but to stop the fight at 2 minutes 14 seconds of round one.

The crowd erupted with mixed emotions.  Manuwa’s camp were overjoyed and overtook the cage and the HeadHunter army took it on the chin and cheered their hero. Manuwa takes his record to an amazing 10-0-0 but this will not be the end of Chapman who will be back fighting again in the very near future. 

BritFights gives the Fighter of the Night to Amil Smith and Fight of the Night to Shane Fourie v Rafik Benziada.  A fantastic night of action once again at The Troxy leaving today somewhat boring in comparison. But of course the next one is just weeks away in the Dominican Republic followed by another packed card on December 3rd when UCMMA25 returns to The Troxy.

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