Meeting Kirsty Davis

Kirsty Davis from Bournemouth is an MMA fighter who weighs in between 55-60kg and has a Semi Professional record of 1-1-0.  I caught up with her to find out more about her life and sport.  Kirsty first tells me that she started late in her sport but absolutely loves it.  She trains in many MMA disciplines including BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning and even finds time to fit in running!  Although she is currently fighting in MMA she still loves to take K1 and Thai fights.  She fights out of Phoenix MMA under Jimmy Johnstone. 

So the burning question was how Kirsty got into fighting in the first place.  She said the film the Karate Kid got her hooked as a child and it was then that she started training in Karate herself but felt there wasn’t enough contact in it so decided to try Muay Thai for fitness and fun.  She soon realised that she loved it and the rest as they say is history.  Other than the Karate Kid himself, Kirsty says there isn’t one particular fighter that she respects.  She respects each and every one as she understands the commitment and daily battle to condition your body for fifteen minutes in the cage.  The only people she does not respect are the gyms that use their fighters to earn money and sadly there are a few of them out there. 

I assumed her first fight must have been a nerve wracking experience but Kirsty said she did feel nervous but also excited and anxious and whilst in the cage she said she loved every minute of it and the feelings she felt had her hooked.  Training takes up a lot of Kirsty’s time as she trains five to six times a week in all disciplines and also does interval training, running, strength and conditioning and sparring.  She says she always does what she is told to do and normally trains twice a day, the only rest she has is a few days before a fight. 

Being a female I wondered how her family and friends feel about her fighting and she says her Mum really hates it, her Dad loves it and her sister has a love/hate relationship with it!  But overall everyone is supportive including her close friends. 

I wondered how Kirsty feels about the stigma that MMA is a dangerous sport.  She jokingly says she is still in one piece but goes on to explain that MMA is a sport for athletes and of course there will always be an element of danger in a fight but adds this is why she and others train so hard in preparation.  She thinks it is a great world for adults and children to get involved in, especially children because she feels it gives them a focus, keeps them strong and off of the street where they have the possibility of getting involved in drugs etc. 

Kirsty tells me that her biggest learning curve in MMA is the demand it puts on her body.  She says she is still learning and talks to other pro fighters who help her with diet and training tips. Training so hard Kirsty doesn’t get a lot of time for anything else and in her ‘day job’ as a Beautician proves women can be girly and fight.  Of the people who say MMA is a man’s sport Kirsty says she doesn’t do it to be seen as aggressive but it is purely a sport she loves.  She enjoys watching exciting fights between women but as with the men does not enjoy boring fights.  She thinks it is great that women are getting involved and would love to see a rise in the number of decent female fighters and ultimately would love to see the UFC entertain women one day! 

Kirsty is next fighting on October 8th in Portsmouth for Shock n Awe and this will be her third Semi Professional fight.  She knows her opponent is a little older than her and that she likes to fight on the ground.  She says maybe studying her opponent is a good idea but she likes to prepare for anything and everything.  She cannot wait to get in the cage and says Brian of Shock n Awe matches opponents fairly and puts on an awesome show. 

For more information and to get tickets please visit the website


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