John ‘The One’ Maguire

Cage Rage hits The Troxy again on September 17th and I caught up with John ‘The One’ Maguire to ask him how he feels about defending his Welterweight Title for the third time.  John fights out of the Pro-am fight centre, Cambridge and with a fantastic record of 15-3-0 (statistics courtesy of and with a winning streak of four, John is confident of making this his sixteenth win and increasing his streak to an impressive five. 

After successfully defending his title against Jamaine Facey back in May this year, John is ready to take on Peter Irving who he classes as a good opponent and the best all round fighter he has fought. Irving is on a three win streak and enters the Octagon after defeating Morten Djursaa back in March. 

John is feeling good and with three weeks to go he is watching his diet and training twice a day to lose and keep his weight off.  Training consists of sparring and cardio and when he isn’t training himself, he can be found at the gym teaching and supporting his fellow fighters. As if this isn’t enough, John holds down a full time job as a Boiler Engineer so it isn’t any wonder that amid working, training, teaching and supporting, he has no time for any other hobbies. 

I wondered how John got into the whole MMA world and as is the case with a lot of fighters, he started watching it at a young age and grew addicted. The likes of Tito Ortiz and Matt Hughes were fighters he loved to watch and before long, rather than just watching, John started training and is now a huge name in MMA. 

A lot of athletes in the world of sports have rituals and superstitions that they adhere to but for John there is nothing out of the ordinary. He told me that once he is weighed in he likes to simply eat and relax.  And as soon as the weigh in is over, the first snack he goes for isn’t the most conventional – John likes nothing better than biting into a donut or two! 

I’ll be at The Troxy on September the 17th watching John Maguire take on Peter Irving in what is sure to be a fantastic fight.  I am certainly ready and I think we can rest assured that John is too. His last words to me were………..‘I am the champion and I’ll stay the champion’.



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